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Dessert Egg Rolls?

I'm bringing some corned beef and cabbage egg rolls to the Super Bowl gathering I'm going to, and since it is small I thought I could use the rest as dessert. I'm thinking something along the lines of a cannoli filling, but i also thought cheesecake would be good. Does anyone have and ideas or recipes?


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  1. I tried one filled with fresh strawberries and nutella inside at a restaurant recently and it was very yummy!

    1. Are these thick egg roll skins or thin spring roll skins? I use the latter for a traditional dessert of fried banana caramels with jackfruit, but I could see the latter being a crunchy version of elephant ears or a fried ice cream bar.

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          I know JungMann meant ice cream bar like bar on a stick, but what if you tucked them gently into muffin tins, sprinkled with sugar, and then baked until crisp? Or bake them until crisp (maybe finish by frying) and then brush with melted chocolate, then let to cool. Then you could use them for a sundae bar!

          Otherwise, the strawberries and nutella are a classic combo. Maybe something with peaches and fried as a sort of fried peach pie?

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          Sounds like a turon. (The name might be helpful if people want to search for it.)

          I'll just point out that plaintains are preferable to standard Cavendish bananas.

        3. I think the thicker wrappers would lend themselves very well to a fruit and cream type of filling. Apples, strawberries, or peaches, with either a ricotta or mascarpone . . . I would probably go with peaches and mascarpone, with some kind of tartness as a third component. There are some very appealing recipes out there for that particular mixture, and you could easily use it as a filling, I think.

          And thanks, I like this idea. I might overlook my dislike of deep-frying long enough to try this.

          1. I'm loving this idea. You could use really cold ice cream and make fried ice cream. Apple pie filling (like old McD's pies). Twinkie? Cookie dough? Banana, chocolate chips and peanut butter. Or your idea of cheesecake--start out w/ frozen cheesecake.

            1. I had one in a restaurant that involved something like an apple cheesecake, was fried, and served with a caramel sauce. Fabulous!

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                This sounds great. I might try that.

              2. Something like a cannoli filling with ricotta, sugar, lemon or orange zest if desired, bit of vanilla, and chips if you like.

                Peanut Butter mousse with a fruit compote.

                1. I've had cookie dough egg rolls and they were delicious! The egg roll was fried and the cookie dough was warm and gooey inside. It was served with vanilla ice cream on top drizzled with chocolate syrup.

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                    That is absolutely brilliant and sounds delicious in a late-nite, munchie sort of way. I could skip the ice cream, though.

                  2. I've had dessert egg rolls in a local restaurant that use an Oreo-cheesecake filling....very good!

                    1. I'd try to keep the filling lighter, like sweetened fruit, rather than going for cheesecake.

                      I know the Superbowl is a time to go all out, but with everything else already so heavy, I'm just not sure something as heavy as a cheesecake filled fried egg roll would be appealing.

                      I'd do various fruit fillings like macerated berries, maybe paired with herbs (strawberry basil is nice). I bet you could make a nice banana's foster filling.

                      I'd serve with whipped cream, and maybe some kind of dipping sauce (caramel, chocolate, sweetened balsamic reduction).

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                        I've had really good fried banana egg rolls. They were just bananas wrapped in the skins, fried, and served with a chocolate sauce. YUM!

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                          Ditto on the bananas. Marinate in some rum and cinnamon before wrapping and frying. Delish!

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                            That's exactly what I was going to say! Just a plain ol' banana wrapped up.I love the warm gooeyness inside, with the crispy outside, and chocolate sauce for dipping....
                            Definitely yum.

                        2. guess i will be the voice of dissent here. i've worked a few big events where we served various dessert egg rolls and i really didn't like them because the wrappers are sooooooooo very bland. sure the fillings can be delish, but pastry, pie and tart shells, even the foundation for cheesecakes all have some sweetness to them.

                          no matter how good the filling is, there is a missing dimension to the dessert when using these wrappers.

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                            I was thinking they could sprinkle sugar or cinnamon sugar or something as they came out of the fryer.

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                              yeah, but it's still just sugar sprinkled onto something that has less flavor than cardboard.

                              pour chocolate over it, and most peeps will eat about anything, i guess.

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                                At the same time, a savory eggroll with a good filling is delicious.

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                                  i make egg rolls and spring rolls often with all sorts of savory fillings. they keep great in the freezer for party apps too.

                                  if i were the op, i'd bring two kinds of savory rolls. maybe a cheesesteak or pulled pork. could also do a veggie one with duxelles and goat cheese. those always get woofed!

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                                    I loved pulled pork, but i love corned beef more, so I'm def making corned beef and cabbage rolls with a thousand Island type dip.

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                                      the corned beef and cabbage rolls sound great! i'd make a mustard sauce though.

                                      the 1000 island would be for a reuben kinda thing, with sauerkraut and swiss.

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                                        I'm loving the idea of the corned beef rolls with mustard sauce, in my mind with no hint of sweetness to it, just tart and zesty.

                          2. The marscapone cannoli filling sounds good.

                            An alternative is to do dessert deep fried wontons, shaped like crab rangoon, using the cannoli filling or a cheesecake filling. They're smaller bites for a dessert dish, but that's my preference.

                            1. A while ago I had some leftover wonton wrappers that I used for dessert -- filled them with a mixture of Nutella & ricotta, deep-fried them, and then dusted them with confectioners sugar. Plated them with a smear of Nutella for dipping. They were delicious (if I say so myself) A similar strategy might work for the egg roll wrappers, either using each wrapper intact, or cutting them into smaller sheets for mini-egg rolls.

                              1. S'mores Rolls: Marshmallow with graham cracker crumbs (and/or Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Butter, which is GCs made into peanut-butter consistency, a clone of Biscoff cookie butter), and either chocolate inside, or drizzled over the fried rolls, or both.