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Jan 31, 2012 06:29 PM

New to SF. Perfect tasting menu at 5star place for 30th bday?

Hi folks,

My newlywed husband and I just moved from NYC and his 30th bday is the 12th.

Our favorite meal so far has been the tasting menu at Morimito's Philly location.

Can anyone recommend an amazing tasting menu in the city? Any cuisine type is great but fancy impresses him.

We've already done Faralon and Jardinaire; we want something new.

5 star prices are welcome.

Thanks in advance from your newest neighbor! :)

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      1. re: mariacarmen

        Service is wonderful at COI but food portions will leave you hungry. Not a good value IMHO.

        1. re: singleguychef

          really? we were absolutely stuffed. all in all, with amuses thrown in, and extra doo-dads at dessert time, we had 14 courses. it's definitely a special occasion place, not something i'd do often.

    1. In order of preference:

      Attelier Crenn

      1. Given the restaurants you provided (Morimoto, Farallon, Jardiniere), I would suggest Benu. Then Saison, Quince, La Folie.

        1. Try Ame, Japanese/French fusion.

          1. i don't think SF has a single clear winner. saison, coi, benu, crenn are the usual suspects. (all covered here: all of these have a personality / hipness you might like or might not like. commis is also very good, and i'd say the best value-wise.

            saison was probably my favorite, but it was very expensive, so i haven't been back. i like the counter seating in front of the fireplace. this is what a meal there looks like:

            la folie, acquerello, gary danko, masa's, fleur de lys are the more traditional upscale french / italian places. most international food bloggers don't rave about these places. all are good, but I definitely don't consider them "perfect" food-wise at least.

            manresa and french laundry are not in sf, but might be better than any of the ones in sf proper.

            sawa is my favorite very expensive restaurant in the bay area by far, but it is a casual sushi bar type atmosphere. nothing is fancy there except the fish and the sake.

            jai yun is also a tiny / expensive / weird place. i like the food there a lot.

            of any of those listed above, i'd probably choose manresa tasting menu for this occasion.