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Jan 31, 2012 06:01 PM

Tajikistan restaurant

There's a restaurant at Keele and Finch (1290 Finch) called Tajikistan. Has anyone tried it? Looks Uzbek/Russian to me, perhaps like Tashkent which is nearby.

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  1. We were thrilled to try this restaurant because it really seemed different to things we have eaten before. We ordered several dishes - plov a mixed rice dish, noodles (similar to Chinese dan dan noodles), a thin flaky bread, a lamb stew type dish and minced meat filled dumplings (like Chinese dumplings but served with sour cream). It was interesting and the food was generally tasty. But maybe because of our selections the meal was very carb heavy. There was not a dish that totally blew us away. The food was definitely homestyle cooking and it looked to be a family operation. Not particularly pricey. All things considered, we really enjoyed the experience, but likely wouldn't be going back. It's pretty far from where we live and there are so many restaurants to try.