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Jan 31, 2012 04:50 PM

Where are the best Orlando Mixologists & Food Trucks

Hi all,

I'm visiting Orlando and want to have a great cocktail - where can I find the best mixologist?

Secondly, I'm looking for hip, fun, trendy (however you want to call it) food trucks. Which ones are the best?

I'll be in town for 5 days in 2 weeks and definitely want to explore the cocktail and food truck scene as I've never been to Orlando and DO NOT want to go to a chain.

Thank you!

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  1. The Ravenous Pig is known as one of the greatest restaurants in town, if not THE greatest, and happens to be my personal favorite as well. They always have really creative-sounding cocktails, and I wish I still drank so I could try them. I'd definitely go there for incredible food AND tasty beverages:

    As for food trucks, hopefully your visit can synch up with one of our many regular food truck gatherings, so you can try multiple trucks in one location. The Daily City organizes most of them, and their website has links to most of our local trucks:

    Big Wheel is the absolute best for locally-produced gourmet food, and The Crooked Spoon makes the second-best burger in town (only the aforementioned Ravenous Pig is better, if you ask me). Kalbi tacos from the Korean BBQ Taco Box, lobster rolls from Monsta Lobsta, crispy-fried arroz con pollo croquettes from Twisted Cuban, and any of the cured meats from Brisket Bus are all damn fine as well.

    1. Considering only restaurant bars (most of our bar only places are pick up joints and 2 for 1 beer or test tube shooter monstrosities), Lou's right about Ravenous Pig, and then I HIGHLY recommend a trip to out of the way Winter Garden for the Tasting Room - awesome food and cocktails that are based on seasonal ingredients and intertesting spirits. Other decent options are Dragonfly (great cocktails and a wondeful sake list), the Rusty Spoon downtown and for fun the margarita cart at the Prickly Pear - just don't eat there beyond bar snacks. This is a tough town for cocktails - I've often had to explain to bartenders how to make me a Negroni - they've never heard of one. But they have a mean way with an appletini or cosmo

      Food trucks that I endorse lead with Big Wheel Provisions and the Crooked Spoon. Also worth trying are the Korean BBQ Taco Box, Yum Yum Cupcake Truck and the C&S Brisket - all are on Twitter and the best place to find them is at round-ups all over town - they don't do the individual location thing too much, it's more of a scene here

      1. Ravenous Pig and Rusty Spoon are my go-to spots for bartenders who like bartending. Also, I had a cocktail at HUE recently, in Thornton Park, and it was good and the bar was set up well (no pre-fab sour, and they had house-made bitters I think) but I wasn't there long so I couldn't really investigate. LUMA, on Park Avenue, also has bartenders that know their stuff (homemade lemoncello was there when I visited a few months ago and they also make some original bitters and such).