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Jan 31, 2012 04:43 PM

Office Lunch Delivery - 90064

Help me my friends, I need lunch delivery options. Olympic and Bundy. Ideally, something with a vegetarian option, kosher is an option. Good food for 20 people around $15 a person.



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  1. I would recommend both Got Kosher and Bibi's cafe, both located on Pico Blvd.. Bibi's has exceptional baked goods - ruglach and these large flat discs with sesame seeds. Got Kosher has amazing food. They also have some North African cuisine. I saw, but did not taste, a vegetarian tagine the other day that looked amazing. I'm still drooling and must return to try. Both places will deliver.

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      I most certainly would not recommend Bibi's on Pico Blvd.. I recently ordered some food from Bibi's and ending up trashing it all. The hummus tasted like it came out of a box. It was awful and ended up in the trash. The pizza tasted like it had fake cheese - it tasted awful andthe "cheese" would not melt when I reheated it. A $16 pizza got trashed. The rugelah had a very weird "burnt" taste. Again, into the trash. The Mediterranean salad was similarly awful and ended up in the trash - old iceberg lettuce, what tasted like fake cheese, canned garbanzo beans and a very weird tasting dressing.

      Every single thing was inedible. Never again.

      1. Hop Woo, corner of Sepulveda & Olympic.