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Jan 31, 2012 03:18 PM

Saturday lunch spot needed - Baltimore area

I'm racking my brain trying to come up with a place to take my mother and sister for lunch this Saturday. Our various eating issues are making this difficult, so I'm hoping someone will have a suggestion. Here's our situation:

*Looking for lunch around 2 on Saturday.
*Mom's kind of a picky eater with sort of standard American tastes, so most "ethnic" places are out, otherwise I'd be headed to the Helmand or Lebanese Taverna. She's also not super comfortable with bars, although a low-key one with good food could work.
*I'm vegetarian, so seafood and steak-type places are out.
*Sister and I both prefer to eat fairly healthy, so most Italian places aren't ideal.
*Would like to contain this to places in Baltimore, AA Co, and the Catonsville-Ellicott City-Columbia corridor, with a budget of $20-ish per person excluding drinks.

Think that's about it - thanks for any ideas.

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  1. City Cafe, Bistro B in Bolton Hill, Clementine (not downtown - Harford Rd).

    1. Call aahead to the chef at Elkridge Furnace Inn. He is very accomodating and can fulfill your specifications. The restaurant is lovely, cozy and the food is exquisite. All of you would be impressed. FoiGras

      1. My first thought is Dogwood in Hampden. Very diverse menu, including lots of health-conscious vegetarian fare. Other places that might fit the bill are Gertrudes (in the BMA), Linwoods, and Donna's.
        Let us know what you pick and how it goes!

        1. Lots of good suggestions, thank you! Some of these unfortunately aren't serving when we're looking to go, and some are a little farther than I was hoping... at the moment Dogwood is sounding like the frontrunner. Has anyone tried the brunch there? The menu sounds delicious, but I've heard tales of inconsistent food and service.

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            I've never had brunch there, but have been many, many times for lunch and dinner. I've never had a bad experience and especially adore their vegetable curry and vegetarian "burger." Everything is always made with the freshest ingredients.

            1. re: guenevere51

              I recommend Kader's Cafe Mocha by the train station. I have never looked into the veg offerings, but I bet he has some great options. Lots of "healthy" dishes for sure. This place has some of my all-time favorite sandwiches..... It is a very cool space & I think your mom could find something like chicken salad or tuna salad.

              I have given Dogwood numerous tries (for some reason), both lunch and dinner, and have never been happy with my visit.

              Gertrude's is also a great option for what you are asking for....

              1. re: foster

                I'd agree that Dogwood is a good choice. Gertrude's has the advantage of location if the weather is good.

            2. Snyder's Willow Grove.