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Jan 31, 2012 02:24 PM

Nashville steakhouse

Guys and gals in Nashville and looking for a locally owned rustic steakhouse with great food, any recommendations???

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  1. I had to do some work in Nashville over a few weeks this past year and also consulted my cousin who went to Vanderbilt:

    She suggested Kayne Prime, supposed to be awesome

    My suggestion is The Bound'ry - it's not on the menu, but the lobster stuffed filet is great and you can usualyy ask for it. Also, don't miss the lobster pizza, we always order one for the table for an app.

    1. I might recommend you consider the Stock-Yard Restaurant at 901 2nd Avenue N. I have always enjoyed my meals there when I have visted Nashville.

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        The StockYard is primarily a tourist trap these days. Back in the day -- 30 years ago -- it was one of few "nice" restaurants in town. It has long been surpassed by dozens of other restaurants. Merchants, listed by someone below, is OK, but on the Broadway strip and also caters to the tourist crowd. There's nothing wrong with the food but I think they're overpriced.

        Kayne Prime is the newest steakhouse in town, owned by a restaurant group that has several other good, successful places. It is not "rustic" however -- it is fine dining. I can't think of a local place that is rustic. All of the other GOOD steak places in town are chains. The best of the lot would be the small family-owned chain The Palm, located in the Hilton Hotel downtown. Again, it's fine dining.

        There is one steakhouse on the outskirts of the metro area that might fit your bill, Cherokee Steakhouse in Wilson County. I haven't been but it's popular. Keep in mind it's a BYOB establishment.

      2. Also the ribeye at Merchants on Broadway downtown was Excellent. The mashed potatoes and au jus was to die for. Plus they have a great bartender/mixologist with really neat drinks. He made me a whisky drink with a piece or orange rind lit on fire and what I believe was house made bitters.

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          TLF is correct. The only locally owned steakhouse that would be worth your time will be Kayne Prime. Stoney River is a local chain with a much lower price point than KP.

          I've yet to have a bad meal there.

        2. I wouldn't call it "rustic" exactly, but in Nashville's Belle Meade section there is a place called Sperry's. It reminds me of the steakhouses I went to with my parents as a little girl. They have a small but great salad bar that comes with all of their entrees which really keeps that old school feeling going. Their shrimp cocktail is always wonderful. My favorite entrees there are the Halibut Oscar and the Almond Trout. My ex- swore by their prime rib. The Bananas Foster for two made tableside are yummy and great fun. The decor is dimly lit, dark woods with a clubby feel. I've never left there unhappy.

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            Yes I forgot about Sperry's ... it is definitely old school and multi-generation local. There's also Jimmy Kelly's but honestly I don't really care for JK, even though it's an institution.

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              I always meant to try Jimmy Kelly's, but never got around to it. Sperry's has a certain anti-trendy quality I can't help but love. The prices are also not insane, which I like. The prices are far from low, but at least they aren't insane.

          2. I would second the recommendation of Sperry's in Bellemeade. It is a locally owned restaurant and while I wouldn't consider it "rustic", it is not a typical white tablecloth, fine dining steakhouse. I love the escargot!