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Jan 31, 2012 01:52 PM

Delicious appetizers for 21st Birthday Party for 35 in Cambridge or surrounds

Hi All,

You were all helpful last year in your suggestions for my son's 20th party (we went to Sel de La Terre in Boston - 15 of us and had fun - although had to go to Brookline for a Birthday cake!)

So I'm back this year for his 21st birthday. We want to host about 35-40 of his friends and their parents (in town for a school event) at a fun place that has decent food. We are thinking heavy appetizers and drinks either in Cambridge or fairly close by or easy to get to.

I have spoken with
Russell Tavern (food quality??)
and also Harvard INN (thinking it might be too institutional and dull.)

Any other suggestions???

By the way I also loved the lobster roll at Neptune's - a memorable experience for a girl from LA!

Thank you for your help!

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  1. In the Kendall Square area. All with parking (garage and street) nearby and not far from the T

    Cambridge Brewing Company

    Think Tank

    Also in Kendall there are some newer restaurants that might work for you. Area Four, Catalyst, and Meadhall.

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    1. re: viperlush

      I'll vouch for the food quality at Russell House Tavern.

      My first thought when I read your subject line was Catalyst, which also should have enough room. (Area Four, also good, might be harder to squeeze 40 revelers into.)

      1. re: Jolyon Helterman

        Catalyst feels like it was made for hosting sleek sophisticated parties and receptions. Probably the priciest of the places that I recommended. But also the largest and probably most interesting menu.

        1. re: viperlush

          Thank you for the suggestions. Catalyst sounds especially interesting - too bad they don't have any pictures on their website. 30 foot floor to ceiling windows sounds more stimulating than the basement room of Russell House. Their food sounds delicious. I'll have to add it to my lists of restaurants to visit whether or not we go for the party. I'll call tomorrow.

          1. re: Denise E

            Catalyst is really nice! Open and inviting at the same time. We ate there last week - had a party of 12 for dinner - but met in the lounge for drinks first. Food is delish, service is excellent, and drinks expertly prepared. Have fun wherever you go!

    2. My friends and I just had our 21st Birthday at OM and it was great! There second floor has floor to ceiling windows all along the front. We did a bunch of appetizers and drinks on the second floor. They had a DJ at 1030 that was great as well.

      1. Thank you again for all of your suggestions. My son ended up wanting more of a bar/lounge atmosphere so we are hosting it at Noir in The Charles Hotel. Hopefully it will be a fun and tasty celebration. I also hope we can go to Catalyst and also make it back to Neptune Oyster - yum!

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        1. re: Denise E

          denise, i don't remember any recent CH posts on Noir, so plse tell us how you like it. Hope you have a great visit! (we've been having our 'least snow/warmest winter' i can remember.)

          oh, since you're from CA, hope this might be helpful:

          Boston Magazine 11/11 issue: 50 Best Boston Restnts. This list is a very comprehensive and convenient reference list for brief restnt. descriptions, essential info, website links of the 50:

          Guide to Boston by Areas and Restaurants:

          1. re: opinionatedchef

            Thank you! I've enjoyed reading many of the postings on CH. I don't always get to choose where we eat but when I do I try to pick something I've read about.