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Jan 31, 2012 01:40 PM

rec for fruit salad made of winter fruits (oranges, pears, apples, etc) ?

I realize I could just make a tried & true fruit salad with whatever fruit is available, but I was wondering if anyone had a favourite fruit salad using fruit that's available throughout the winter. Thanks for any suggestions. Might try this one:

edit: oops, found an earlier winter salad thread:

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  1. It is technically not a fruit salad, but oranges and onion are a wonderful mix, both sliced into rounds and arranged on a platter with a scattering of olives and a bit of vinaigrette. Apples - what about Waldorf salad: cubed apples, sliced celery, walnuts, and mayo to dress? This one also cn be done w the pears - and crumbled blue cheese is a lovely addition. What about roasted or wine-simmered pears? Simples, and delicious. Do remember the pomegranate; so pretty and tasty scattered into a fruit salad miix. Would work with the orange idea too, if you don't care for the olives. Oh, and let me mention that I'd tame the onions in a spot of milk before using, or tame them in lightlysugared ice water and dry. It will take anything sharp or sulfurous out of the picture.

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      1. You could stir up the sliced fruit with some slightly strained vanilla yogurt, just enough to coat as it will keep apples from browning. Mamachef's ideas sound great.

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          calliope, what a great idea. I had NO idea yogurt would stop oxidization, but I do now!! Thank you!!

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            Thanks ;-). I usually use plain yogurt, sweetened with honey, sometimes adding a little lime or fresh ginger.

          2. My mom used to make oranges/apples/pears/grapefruit, with a little orange juice and some chopped canned peaches and their juice. I still make it a couple of times a year.

            1. prima, honestly I would look no farther than that FN recipe. Our kids and one y.o. grandbabies are coming in a week and you have now provided me with the perfect salad. We can pick out what the wee ones would like and the rest of us enjoy the whole thing. Thanks for sharing.

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