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Jan 31, 2012 01:16 PM

Romantic Weekday Lunch in DC/NoVa?

My husband and I are having our first "date day" in 2 years next Friday. I'd love suggestions for a nice place to have a nice, leisurely, romantic, non-kid- friendly lunch in DC or close-in Virginia, preferably in a neighborhood that's nice to walk around or has other attractions. Price isn't a big concern, so expensive is okay as long as the food is worth it. No preferences on cuisine, although it needs to have a vegetarian-friendly option.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. If close-in Virginia includes Old Town Alexandria, then Restaurant Eve has a nice secluded feel to it.

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      Restaurant Eve is a good option in Alexandria. In DC I would check out Bibianna, Bistro D'Oc, or The Source. The Source and Bistro D'Oc in particular are within walking distance to the Mall and lots of museums.

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        Ditto Retaurant Eve. Even at lunch, it's a nice quiet place. In Old Town, if OP wants Italian, I'd suggest Landini Brothers.

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          Second Restaurant Eve. Near Union Station, I'd recommend Bistro Cacao's cozy upstairs booths.

        2. Proof or PS7 are good options in Penn Quarter.

          1. I did this with a friend in December: lunch at Estadio, strolling through a few of the 14th Street galleries and furniture stores, and then west to other galleries in Dupont. And if by next Friday you mean the 3rd, rather than the 10th, it'll be First Friday, so there will be wine at the Dupont galleries.

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              Could you expound on the galleries? Art (for sale)? Which ones have wine, and from what time (if you know)?


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                It's all art for sale, but open to the public. On the first Friday of each month, they keep their doors open from 6 to 8. Here's more info:

            2. I also suggest Old Town, I think Restaurant Eve is a good choice, also Vermillion might fit the bill.

              1. Thanks for all these great suggestions! Since we live in Alexandria, and have the whole day off, I think we're going to choose something a bit farther afield and save Restaurant Eve for a day we can just get away for a nice lunch. Bibianna, Proof, PS7 and Estadio are all looking tempting!

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                  Since you live in Alexandria, you could head south to Bistro L'Hermitage in Occoquan. It's one of my favorite special occasion restaurants--arguably the best duck I've had. And, I love wandering around Occoquan along the water. Oh, desserts are a weak spot there but they have amazing baguettes.

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                    Oh well then perhaps also put Fiola on the list.