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Jan 31, 2012 01:12 PM

I'm your typical broke college kid and i need help with dinner tonight!

Okay, for dinner tonight i have:
boneless skinless chicken breast
frozen rice and veggies in one of those steamer bags
and sweet baby rays honey BBQ sauce.

I'd really like some sort of honey bbq chicken and rice sautee. for now, my plan is to wing it.
So before i royally screw up does anyone have any tips for how to go about this and still have it be delicious?

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  1. Well, sure! You've got the makings for very very fine meal. Just follow the directions on the steamer bag for the veg and rice, and consider just simmering that breast in the bbq sauce, turning once, for abou 20 minutes until there's no pink, but do be checking it at 15 minutes. Use a sharp knife to cut into the middle to check it; the slice you make will disappear. Let that chicken "rest" in the sauce so as to let it pick up it's own juices; when it plumps up, it's ready to be eaten. Keyphrase: don't overthink it These are EZ items to work with, but your main concern is to keep the chicken juicy, and that's how to do it. The oven would work ok, but if you put sauce on before hand it may caramelize too much - I do BSCB stovetop and it works ever' last time.

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    1. re: mamachef

      that was fast! thank you!!!
      But i just want to be clear about cooking the chicken - so are you saying that i can just pour some bbq sauce in a pan, add the chicken, and cook for about 10 minutes on each side? And then turn off heat and let sit in pan until it plumps up?
      If that's correct, when its done should i just cut it up and add to the rice? or should i add the rice to the pan for extra flavor?

      1. re: illwillriotpill

        Yes to the chicken. and ok, the rice and veg. are separate? Not a blend? You can add the rice to the pan while the chicken is resting, and do the veg. separately. What I would do is slice the chicken into rounds when it's done, and serve it atop the rice, veg. aside. Oh, get that sauce to a simmer before you add the chicken so the timing will be right and the chicken temp. won't stop the sauce from heating quickly....but NOT on a high heat, as that sauce is full of sugar (I love SBR's, by the by.) And I love that you like the rice to soak up the sauce. The other alternative IS to mix the rice and veg. and take the chicken out of the pan to rest, and use the same pan (whoopee! I adore one-pot meals) to heat your sides. Have you got any dried herbs, or a can of broth? You could use either as a flavor element; adding the herbs to the sides, or simmering them in the broth with a touch of salt.

        1. re: mamachef

          sorry for the confusion, the rice and veggies ARE together in one bag. sounds like an awesome plan, thank you so much!
          and no i dont have any herbs or broth lol

          1. re: illwillriotpill

            You are most welcome, dear. It's what we do here Enjoy your meal fully. I was a brokeass college student once and ate more Ramen than any person ever should - but your dinner plans sound delicious.

            1. re: mamachef

              so i just mowed down on my dinner and it was DELICIOUS!! thank yooou mamachef!! now i have a new easy meal recipe :)

              1. re: illwillriotpill

                Awesome. You just be sure and ask ANYTIME, okay? Any of the good people here will be so helpful and there are many many threads on cookin' poor. I'm so glad dinner was delicious!! :)

    2. Are you envisioning some kind of chicken/rice saute combo similar to a stir fry? Cut the chicken in strips, saute in pan with a little olive oil or nonstick spray, turning to brown on all sides. Meanwhile, cook the veggie/rice in microwave.

      Combine cooked veggie/rice mixture with chicken in saute pan and add enough bbq sauce to put flavor throughout (you wont probably need more than 1/4 cup). Stir well, let heat through and eat!