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Jan 31, 2012 12:29 PM

Looking for breakfast, W. Stockbridge, MA area

I'll be in W. Stockbridge this summer, and would like a place for breakfast on a Sunday morning--breakfast, not brunch (that is, some place that serves by 9 AM, and I'm not looking for a buffet).

For me the main reason to eat breakfast out is omelets, so that's what I'm looking for. I don't have a sweet tooth so 'm not interested in grabbing a pastry or muffin (so bakeries are basically out) nor in breakfast-to-go (egg on a roll, etc.).

The real hit would be a place that does omelets both well and creatively; e.g., the following is a review I posted:

That's what I'm aiming for, but I'll certainly settle for less. Excellent home fries are a plus.

Breakfast will be before heading back down to the NY Metro area, so my search area will tend towards the south/west rather than north/east.


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  1. You might like Joe's Diner in Lee ...

    1. Martin's, at the top of Railroad St in Great Barrington has the best breakfast in the Berkshires. Some will say got to Haven or Spoon in Lenox but IMHO Martin's has done the best breakfast for decades.

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      1. Thanks; so far, Martin's is looking to be the best choice.

        1. If I may, my favorite go to place for breakfast is The Red Lion Inn, Stockbridge.
          Many reasons why......
          Fresh squeezed orange juice (not sure about the other juices)
          local Berkshire Mtn. Roasters coffee which is excellent!
          homemade grass fed corned beef hash,
          "lion frittta"
          linen tables.
          They used to have "crunchy french toast" on their menu, but regrettably have taken it off, however, if you request it, they will make it. Pair that with warmed Vermont pure syrup. Bliss....Oh man....I'm drooling. Oh also, they give you the butter, jam and cream cheese in small ramekins on the table, not the pre packaged ones that you fight with. They really try to keep things local too which is awesome... you won't be disappointed.

          1. We like The Depot in West Stockbridge. It is right by the post office and has a lovely little menu of breakfast favorites. They bake on premises and everything is delicious.

            We have been to the area many times over the years and this is always a favorite for us.

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              Spoon in Lenox! They serve breakfast all day, and the choices and quality are unequaled.

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                The only thing I could find by that name in the area is The Depot in Dalton... is that the place? The website doesn't seem to work.

                1. re: Scott_R

                  The Depot is now closed. The only restaurant in Dalton that currently serves a sit-down breakfast is the Dalton Restaurant on Main St. Ozzie's in nearby Hinsdale also offers a nice breakfast. The drive from West Stockbridge will be around 45 minutes.
                  If I was going to drive to the central Berkshires area, I would have breakfast at Cafe Reva on Tyler St. In Pittsfield. A bit small and at times extremely busy (weekends and mid-mornings), but the food is very good and worth a trip.

                  1. re: Dana1949

                    I won't be going to north and east, at least not that far--this is a "trip back" stop, which is one reason the GB suggestion had added attraction.

                    1. re: Scott_R

                      You won't regret Martin's, a breakfast institution, and convenient for you (GB is a lovely town). But the most awesome breakfast spot I have found yet, especially awesome omelets, is farther north, in Pittsfield -- a place called Cafe Reva. It's a funky old-fashioned spot. Worth going out of the way for or bank it away for next time.