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Jan 31, 2012 12:02 PM

looking for Tfal Actifry recipes

I got a Tfal Actifry for my birthday last week, and although it came with some recipes, they seem rather boring.
Do any of you have any good recipes for the Actifry? Please share if you do. Also if you have any tips for using it, I would appreciate those too.

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  1. I just got mine this week. The potatoe crisps are best.
    But I too have looked for some other recipes. I am going to try the chick peas. There seems to be alot of recipes on pintrest. did you ever find any really good recipes?

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      No I haven't What I've done is use some chinese stir fry recipes and modify them. It does great with shrimp and chicken cut into bits. When I do chicken I generally cut it up into bite size pieces and marinate it before cooking. Then I preheat the oil for about 10 minutes before adding the chicken. You need to add the veggies separately, but its a great way to get people to eat veggies - and they are quite tasty.
      Good luck and if you find anything tasty, let me know