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Jan 31, 2012 11:48 AM

Marco's - Lake Mahopac

Hi all - we are having dinner with friends in Mahopac this weekend and they suggested Marcos. Anyone have any idea how this place is? I can't find anything when I search.


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  1. the owner is a great guy and their specialty is Steak, I believe once a week they have a steak night with a great prix fix price

    1. It has a bit of a strange atmosphere; but the food is actually really good and the menu is even a bit adventurous.

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      1. re: weedy

        Thanks!! We are going Friday so that's not steak night, but I see they do have steaks on the regular menu. Maybe I'll try one!

      2. Went last night. I found this to be a very strange place. The service was like a diner - very sweet waitress but everyone was hon, sweetheart, etc. There was NO room for any change to the menu. My husband has a dairy allergy so it was a bit of an issue. Appetizers we had were a pumpkin ravioli which our friend enjoyed, and my husband had a porcini stuffed with lobster - they did omit the fontina for him. It was fine. For dinner my friend and I had the rack of lamb which was a very good quality meat and cooked perfectly as ordered. It came with Rosti potatoes which are a favorite of mine. These were not really rosti - more like a giant potato pancake, but what can be bad? My friend's husband had the osso bucco which he enjoyed and my husband had the rib eye - again , a really good piece of meat. The entrees came with a choice of salad dressing - both served on micro greens which I found strange since one was a balsamic vinaigrette , but the other was a caesar dressing which I would have assumed would be served on romaine as it totally overwhelmed the tender greens. Shaved parm adorned the salad, but it tasted more like American cheese. In all, I would not go out of my way to eat there. If I lived in the area perhaps I'd go on steak night, but I would not go back otherwise. To me, dining out is the whole package and the atmosphere and service here are lacking. Oh, and as a side note, their drinks are huge. The wine pour was a large glass filled to the brim. My husband's margarita, again in a huge glass was very strong. Take that as a good or bad thing, depending on your mood!!

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            sounds pretty good and we're probably a little closer. The website indicates they take pride in their meat and game, what was the method of preparation for the steak? Given the prices, it seems like a bargain compared to places like flames and the wallet house...

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              The steak was grilled and served with a brown sauce. It was a nice, big rib eye. Nope, can't beat the prices.

          2. We ate at Macro's twice several years ago. I thought it was OK but not great. I do recall that desserts were awful.

            A better choice only a block away is Dish.