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Jan 31, 2012 10:45 AM

Restaurant recommendations within walking distance to Hilton Bonaventure

I am not a frequent visitor to Montreal but have enjoyed Pied du Cochon in the past. Anything featuring local food and suitable for solo dining would be welcome.

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  1. DNA is very good, but a 20 mins walk. Europea is maybe 10-15 minutes away, Toque only 10. However, all 3 restaurants are very expensive (by Mtl standards). I am mentionning them since you mentionned Pied du Cochon. Of the 3, DNA is probably the closest to what you're looking for, and the least expensive of these 3.

    If you are looking for mid-priced options, Kitchen Gallery Poisson comes to mind (10 mins walk). There are more restaurants, mainly on or around McGill street...

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    1. More possibilities: Joe Beef or Liverpool House. Neither are that close for walking (although they are cetainly within walking distance), but they are only a 5-minute cab ride away.
      Brasserie T is easy walking distance (10 minutes max)

      1. Thanks to everyone for the recos. Ended up eating an excelllent meal at DNA - chef's tasting menu. The staff were friendly and attentive and generally knowledgable about the dishes served. A few off-menu surprises (I mean that in a good way). Good choice for solo dining - there are two somfortable bars. Chef took time to chat. A leisurely 20 minute walk back to the Hilton.