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Jan 31, 2012 10:42 AM

Buying Kimchi in NOLA?

Anyone know of a source of good kimchi in the metro area? Hong Kong Market? Any suggested brands?

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  1. I was buying kimchi at the Korean market in Metairie (Transcontinental and Vets) for $3+ per small jar. It's in the little refrigerator in the back.

    I started making my own and am pleased. My first batch was way better than the bought stuff but my second batch, with a few new ideas, was not as good. I'm do for a third batch soon.

    I combined several on line recipes to get what I wanted and it is pretty simple. I bought a stone crock at K-mart and store the kimchi in it in the reefer.

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      You are right about its simplicty. I have not made a batch in awhile but I took your approach. We used to get it from Korean sailors in port and from what I understood from them it's just like so many other things: here are the basic rules and do what you want from there.

    2. You can get it Hong Kong Market. It's in the refrigerated section in the back corner.

      1. @collardman--were you happy w/that one from the Korean market (didn't even know there was one!)?

        @Frolic--have you tried the one at HK market?


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        1. re: nomadchowwoman

          No. I haven't. Just seen it there. I seem to recall that they had several options.

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            The kimchi was good although pretty basic cabbage variety. IIRC it was from Houston. The store is also a good source for other Oriental foods, some different brands than you find in most Oriental groceries. Also some Thai, Vietnamese sauces.

          2. The original comment has been removed