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Jan 31, 2012 10:33 AM

Need finishing touches for trip this weekend

Hello Seattle Chowhounders, my wife and I are flying in sans kids from Southern California for a short birthday weekend. I usually have more time to prepare but this trip was a bit spontaneous and could use a little assistance. Thankfully a few recent threads have asked for similar information so I was able to do some research as well as from a few friends who used to live in Seattle. We are staying at Inn at the Market from for 2 nights so will be hitting the town from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning. We enjoy all types of cuisine from hole in the walls to nicer places but really looking for places that represent what Seattle has to offer. We've also lived in Chicago and New York. So here's what I have planned to far though I wish we were staying longer.
Friday Lunch: Matt's at the Market
Friday Dinner: The Palace Kitchen or Quinns
Sat Breakfast: Eat at Lowells or Lola or Sitka and Spruce (brunch)
Sat Lunch: Revel
Sat Dinner: The Palace Kitchen, Quinns, Poppy, or Book BIndery
Sun Brunch: Eat at Lowells or Lola
Snacks: Elliot's Oysters , Donuts
We prefer to walk or take short cab rides, are cabs readily available in downtown Seattle ? Since I planned this trip around eats, any ideas on local attractions nearby will be lovely. Would you replace any of my selections for a " must eat " place or would do you change the order of any of the places ?
I've been to Seattle only once years ago on the way to Vancouver and greatly looking forward to our visit. Thanks so much !

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  1. Since I was pretty sure that getting a reservation at Book Bindery would be difficult at this late date I checked and all that is available is 5 and 5:30.

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      thanks for checking fooddee, i was already aware that 5/530 would be our only options.. I sometimes prefer earlier dinners knowing I may have some snacks later that night =)

    2. You might organize by neighborhood, as you like to walk. Cabs can be a challenge in this town... sigh, don't know why. They only seem to want to go to the airport..

      You could do your Friday around the Market, (with a pop down to the waterfront for oyster happy hour at Elliott's) and Sat. Morning too, if you need real breakfast then Lowells - but you could also bakery and snack your way through the market itself instead.

      A side trip on the waterfront I highly reccomend is a walk through our Olympic Sculpture park, about 1/2-3/4 mile N of Elliott's. After that, you could get a drink at sunset at the lovely bar (but not great food) on the water just next to the park at Aqua by El Gaucho, then cab it back toward your hotel & DT proper if you were done walking.

      Then head to capitol Hill for aft / evening. Sitka for lunch, (and the whole Melrose Market fun experience); windowshopping your way up hill - stop for coffee somewhere, maybe Molly Moon for ice cream. Dinner at Quinns.
      Head for Fremont Sunday and brunch at Revel. Stop by Theo Chocolate. Walk to the troll....

      Let us know how it all goes!

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      1. re: gingershelley

        This was exactly the sort of help I was looking for...wish we were staying longer, thanks GS !

      2. I think Lowell's is really lousy.

        1. I think these are some good suggestions. For some reason I seem to be the only person in the world who fails to see what the big deal is about Revel...I'd replace with Joule (if they're open w/lunch) if you're into that kind of thing.

          Every place on your list is walking distance from the market except the Book Bindery. The furthest is probably Quinn's, maybe a mile, so you should be able to get around on foot weather permitting. The bus between the market & CapHill is really easy, too. I wouldn't count on being able to catch a cab -- however, there is now a cab stand on Pike in Capitol Hill very near Quinn's if you don't feel like walking.

          Quinn's and Palace are two of my favorite places in Seattle and I always take out of town guests -- but be aware neither takes reservations and both can be very, very busy on weekend nights. The nice thing about Quinn's is it is surrounded by great bars where you can cool your heels while you wait -- check out Moe Bar across 10th.

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          1. re: pusherman

            Thanks for the tips and endorsements !

          2. Bummed that Art of the Table is closed for renovation.... if given a choice for our 'nice dinner ", would you go to Book Bindery or Rover's ? Both sounds fantastic though leaning towards Rover's for their wine component.

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            1. re: vonger44

              I would absolutely go to Book Bindery. It's got a more imaginative menu and a much more "Seattle" feel to it, Rover's is more straight up French.