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Jan 31, 2012 10:11 AM

Draper/Dublin/Pulaski Virginia?

Hi, I will be staying mid-way between Draper and Dublin VA for a few days next week (in town for a wedding) I know these are pretty small towns, but I'm hoping for a few recs for something other than Shoney's (which I am told is the best game in town by a non-chowish friend). I'm visiting from NY and haven't spent much time in the south, but want to try things that are new for me, food wise.

What I'm hoping for is a good BBQ place, or an old lady with a secret pie recipe, or something non-chain that will show me about food in this little town. All suggestions are welcome, and I don't really have a set budget in mind... maybe $20pp for lunch, $30pp for dinner for food only? More or less?


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  1. 1st off, depending on which direction I was coming from, and how long I had, I would make a side trip/stop from Pulaski DOWN I81/US11 to Marion VA to the Dip Dog. Never tried it but I have heard rave reviews, it has been open 54 years. Sort of like a corn dog. Might not be your cup of tea of course ;


    The other direction, UP 81/US11 in Christianburg is Dude's Drive In - another place I have heard raves about but never been.

    If your later travels have you going south on 77 (or your earlier travels bring up north on I 77) there is good BBQ to be found in Galax, or so I hear, at the Galax Smokehouse.

    This is an area of the state I want to learn more about for sure. Sorry I can't think of anything right off right there close to Pulaski, Dude's is about 20 miles away.

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      Thanks! A fellow CHer posted these links for me on thread I started on the Chains board about Shoney's:

      There are a few things in Roanoke that look good, and are on the way.

      I'll be driving on 81 from Winchester with my dad, so if you happen to know anyplace between Winchester and Roanoke, I'm all ears!

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        If you are starting in Winchester, New Market is probably too soon to stop, so I won't recommend the Southern Kitchen place there ;) However Staunton is about half way for you, and I have eaten at a few places there.

        In Staunton, Wright's Dairy Wright drive in is nice for the nostalga, but a little hit or miss food-wise. I take my kids there when I pass by to give them a piece of Americana.

        Mrs. Rowes may be worth a stop there in Staunton - I heard a few years back it wasn't as good as it used to be, but last year a friend told me it had gotten good again. I haven't been out that way in a few years to see for myself.

        Right in downtown Staunton, a little fancier (but by no means dressy/stuffy) is the Mill Street Grill . Only ate there once but it was a pretty good meal.

        You may end up trying your luck in Blacksburg, a gal friend of mine told me about a creole/cajun place that that is pretty good.

        1. re: PenskeFan

          Is this the place:
          Wright's Dairy Rite
          346 Greenville Avenue
          Staunton, VA 24401

          This sounds like a place my dad will love. And at those prices, I think I will treat him :)

          1. re: iluvcookies

            Yes that is the place. It is pretty good, a little run down from it's heyday but I would eat there before a chain any day of the week. Think I had a good milkshake there IIRC, and the burger was good too. Actually I have been there twice, once the burger was very good, once it was OK. Still the whole experience was neat and authentic and I made sure to overtip the carhop both times - once it was raining hard, the other time it was cold drizzle.