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Anyone been to Betty's on King recently?

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Thinking of going tonight before the Raptor's game. How are the food and beer. We'll have my three year old son with us too.

thanks - Marie

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  1. Same as it's always been. Family friendly, if a little rambunctious.

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      Ditto that.
      Some interesting beers on tap.
      Just (relatively) cheap and fun!

    2. It was as expected. Food wasn't the best, but it was cheap enough. I had the Deep Six dip, which I've always liked. The Burrito was fine but had a nasty sauce that had to be scraped off the top. Poutine with pulled pork tasted odd to me, but my mum ate it. Beers on tap varied in quality: Betty's lager tasted stale, but the Shock Top and the Innis and Gunn were fine. High chair + crayons and colouring book for my son.