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Jan 31, 2012 08:58 AM

Bensonhurst Chinese Food

Had fantastic roast pig and other good Cantonese food at a banquet at F.L.H. Seafood @ 1968 86th Street. There are many Chinese restaurants along this street and nearby Bay Parkway. Has anyone tried them?

F.L.H. Seafood
1968 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11214

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  1. Depending on what you're looking for, I kind of like Silver Star Restaurant on 18th ave btw 62nd and 63rd. A lot of chinese restaurants in the area are more authentic, and cater towards the chinese population, but Silver Star is one of those old fashioned sit-down american chinese restaurants. They have booths and white tablecloths, and you get a pot of tea, and a bowl of crunch noodles and duck sauce and spicy mustard when you go in.

    Silver Star
    6221 18th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11204

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      I like both authentic and Americanized Chinese food. I've heard of Silver Star. What dishes do you like there?