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I know there are posts to search ... but has anyone had a recent great find/experience within Boston for Steak? A few guys are meeting this weekend to grab a cut of meat and a scotch - avoiding Del Frisco's etc... but wouldn't mind trying a CH recommendation.

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  1. If by 'etc...' you mean the large national chain steak houses, your best option is going to be Grill 23 (not a chain). There are other non steakhouse places which serve good steak dishes (several previous threads as you mentioned), but not a lot that fit the scotch, beef, men's dinner atmosphere. Maybe Prezza in the north end?

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      Second the Prezza recommendation. The steak there is consistently excellent.

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        I agree that Prezza would work well.

    2. Davio's has good dark swanky atmosphere...for something more casual (and lighter on the wallet) there's Saloon in Davis square (if you're willing to go outside Boston proper) which has probably 100+ whiskeys/scotches (menu http://www.urbandaddy.com/bos/nightli... )

      1. My favorite steak experience in the Boston area (considering price and ambiance) is the steak frites at Central Kitchen in Central Square. Not sure what they whiskey selection is, but the steak is fine.

        1. Grill 23, Abe & Louis & Moo are all excellent options for steak. The "chains", such as Capital Grille and Ruth's Chris, aren't as good as the 3 I mentioned, but are perfectly acceptable. There is such CH snobism when it comes to steakhouse discussion; it's not as if we're talking Applebee's, after all.

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            Abe & Louie's is a BBRG property, which in my opinion dumps into the chain bucket.

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              It's part of a little chain but there are only 2 Abe and Louies. I think there are 2.

              And the owner eats there constantly.

              I think it's a great choice.

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                A & L is now owned by California's Tavistock Restaurants LLC. They describe themselves as, "operating 16 upscale and fast casual restaurant concepts with more than 100 locations across the U.S."




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                  I find the steaks at A&L to rank low versus other Boston area chain steakhouses. I like their brunch and lunch, but really won't go there for dinner unless it is a business thing someone else has planned (even then I might try to steer the meal elsewhere).

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                    I like the fish at Abe & Louie's, but I find their sides are seriously lacking. They go beyond just the normal "boring" steakhouse sides into borderline mediocre.

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                      I used to have the same opinion, but several business lunches and dinners there last year completely changed my mind.

                      And there are still only 2 of them. Unlike a lot of others.

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                Chain or not, I have to vote for Abe & Louie's as preparing possible the best steak I've ever eaten. The lobster macaroni and cheese was also so fantastic that I'd happily become morbidly obese to enjoy that goodness on a regular basis.

              3. Hard to beat Grill 23 & Bar. They also have an excellent wine cellar, and very good bar service.

                1. What's wrong w/ Del Frisco? I think the steak there is just as good as Grill 23. However, I did find some Pappy at 23 a couple mos ago should you be willing to forego your peat fix.

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                      I think what he's saying is that Grill 23 has Pappy Van Winkle 23 year bourbon, which is a rare and wonderful find, and is saying that the OP might like it more than his desired scotch-and-steak.

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                        Thanks Otter, I like bourbon much better than scotch. Will make a point to try Pappy.

                  1. Just curious, what's your beef with DF's?

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                      No issues, per se - I was just looking for that place with less big advertising and that "never would have thought to go there" type experience

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                        May want to check out The Oak Room. They have a killer Chateau Briand for 2.


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                          They also have an 8oz Brandt Beef filet mignon for $59. Speaking of, when will the new concept be up and running there?

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                            Soon, spring, I hope. The Brandt will be worth trying.

                    2. Sadly, I must report that the new ownership of Abe and Louie's seems to have resulted in a lower quality experience .... Lunch just wasnt the same ....

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                        Should be no more discussion of A&L, as this is now a national chain and should go on the chain board. Too bad, I have always enjoyed my meals at A&L's, but now it's just another steakhouse chain. Good Luck Charlie!

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                          I just wanted to withdraw my suggestion.