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Jan 31, 2012 07:57 AM

NYC Kosher Restaurant with best beer selection?

Any recommendations?

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  1. 1) Pardes; 2) Basil. In Manhattan, Clubhouse has an ok selection (bottles only)

    1. Pardes by FAR.

      Basil is good, in part because they have stuff on tap. (Nothing too great or exciting, but it's nice to see.) They're also priced pretty well.

      Clubhouse has a decent selection, maybe even better than Basil; but as Kosher Critic said, "bottles only."

      Wolf and Lamb tries. They're heavy on the Shmaltz Brewing stuff, but my beer wasn't served very nicely (they didn't have a big enough glass). Also, $9 for a Brooklyn Lager (bottled) vs. $6 for a fresh one, on tap, at Basil doesn't help them.

      I guess I agree with everything Kosher Critic said. I just want to stress that Pardes is the best BY FAR, Basil doesn't even come close. Pardes has an exciting selection of Belgian and other European beers additionally the staff are helpful in making recommendations. I'll just warn you that many of these beers don't come cheap, they may be 750ml bottles that would cost you $15 retail, so in Pardes it might cost $25.

      1. Update - Bravo Pizza has a surprisingly large and varied selection (bottles only).