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Best Chili? Westchester/Hudson Valley

Hey everyone, noticed there really are no chili discussions on here so my question to you all is where can I get the best chili in westchester (preferably upper) and the hudson valley? also who makes the spiciest? seems hard to find a nice spicy chili these days...

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  1. THe Blazer Pub makes a great chili!
    Route 22
    Purdys, NY 10578

    1. None of these are in upper Westchester, but I like Piper's Kilt Chili. It's not very hot though. AJ's in New Ro has very good chili, which has medium heat, but very nice flavor and huge chunks of meat. I have never been and to be completely honest, not even sure if it's still open, but there was a place in Valhalla called So Dam Hot which supposedly had delicious, very spicy chili

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        second pipers kilt but has to have the red onions, cheese & sourcream added plus hot sauce. city limits has also served very respectable chili in the past...

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          I always get cheddar an onions. I never add hot sauce unless I know there is a little secret stash somewhere. Not a big tabasco fan

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          So Dam Hot is still there - still going strong and very delicious chili!

        3. I think the Roadhouse in Rye used to make a good chili. Not sure if they still do.

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            Good call. forgot all about that. If I remember, they have multiple types of chili - ground beef, chunks of beef and a meatless chili

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              i thought so...but haven't eaten there in a bit.

          2. My ds makes a great super spicy chili in our crockpot. Not the answer you were looking for however.

            1. The chili at Birdsall House in Peekskill is delicious! Made with stout and chunks of meat. That plus a side salad (and, of course, beer!) can make a meal. Except of course you'll want to eat more things.

              1. Q in Port Chester makes a really good Chili made with Brisket.

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                  Forgot all about Q! Their chili over their fries is OUT OF THIS WORLD GOOD!

                2. pat's hubba bubba and it's alter ego - texas wiener in port chester both make a spicy chili more for hot dogs rather than a bowl full imho

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                    cant wait to try out some of these!

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                      Pat's is a scary place. Delivered some hot dog rolls to them and had a burger there that was a good "greasy spoon" burger. Should have tried the chili

                    2. A.J's does make great chili. Another place to get good chili, believe it or not, is Blue Moon in Bronxville. I can't really recommend it for much else but the Full Moon chili is excellent, really spicy.

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                        Never tried the Chili, but they're the only chain I have actually written a letter to regarding the awful food. I will say this though....great margaritas!

                      2. Non-traditional, but I adore the white chicken chile at the Croton Landing Tavern in Croton-on-Hudson. I've their regular chili on nachos, which was pretty great, too.

                        1. ive heard great things about Pat's Hubba Hubba in portchester. Havnt been yet. They dont yet have a website.

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                            texas weiner is years newer, so the grease is not as built up (lol) but was started by a former employee of pat's, but if you go to pat's you will see why no website, definitely old school or perhaps skool. texas weiner has the spicier chili though