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Jan 31, 2012 04:29 AM

Client Dinner Willow Grove/Norristown/King Of Prussia

Hi folks. Looking for an upscale spot to bring an important client for dinner in the locales listed.
Other than chains are there any great steakhouses nearby?
Thanks in advance for your help.
John K.

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  1. In Horsham, five minutes from the Willow Grove exit to the turpike, you have Na Brasa a locally owned Brazilian steakhouse. Similar to Chima or Fogo de Chao in Philadelphia you get the standard Brazilian steakhouse experience with skewered meats, large salad bar and strong drinks. AYCE is about 40 dollars during the week. A new steakhouse just opened up in Warrington another ten minutes up 611 called KC Prime. They are an independently owned steakhouse, with another brance in Lawrenceville, NJ

    In KoP you have four ofl the major steakhouse chains represented: Mortons, Capital Grille, Ruth Chris and Sullivans. Of the four, I have only eaten at three. I would recommend the Capital Grille. About five minutes from KoP you have Flemings. And there is also a locally own steakhouse in Valley Forge calle Creeds. So you have plenty of choices in the area.

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        Thanks for the response cwd & burbgirl. Does Nabrasa serve up some interesting cuts of meat?

        1. re: johnk

          john - nabrasa is outstanding. at least 6 cuts of beef, 2-3 cuts of lamb, with the lamb chops ranking very highly. the experience for a client dinner is great too, but might be too much depending on the crowd. The accoutrements at the table, particularly the polenta fries, are awesome. Salad bar not as impressive as Fogo de Chao but still great options and complements to the rest of the meat!

          1. re: mkertello

            I'm here to piggy back on the NaBrasa suggestion. I went there a couple months ago when I wasn't in the mood to deal with CC parking and go to my favorite place (Chima). They are absolutely outstanding and a great deal for the price. They are slightly lacking with their salad bar, but you're not there for salad, YOU'RE THERE FOR THE MEAT! The drinks that they have are also rather outstanding, if you like rum, definately get a Caphirina, it will be outstanding.

            I'm not sure if this would be a good idea of a client meeting though, when you go to NaBrasa or places like that, you're mainly going to end up pigging out, eating way too much and being all sorts of uncomfortable. Well, that's usually what happens to me.

      2. Like many others, I really love naBrasa and go there at least once a month with friends and family. One caveat, however, it is not a quiet place. At dinner, there is always at least one large table of guys who are obviously having a very good time. As my son (a naval officer) said, with admiration, a few weeks ago: "Thanks, Mom, this is a really nice guys' restaurant!" In short, this is not the place for a quiet business conversation. But the food is excellent and the atmosphere is lively and fun. Also, I, my daughters and daughter-in law very much enjoy it, as well. You might want to inquire if your client is a vegetarian, however, since this would not be the place for that.