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Jan 31, 2012 04:29 AM

Lincoln Questions

Does Thai Garden near UNL still have the cheap lunch specials? I'm picky with thai food and not a huge fan, but the pad si ew was always good there. I'll be in town in a month or so, so I'm curious.

Also, can someone tell me the name of the Vietnamese market on O street right before 27th. It's on the north side. Do they still sell good fish? My parents wanted to buy some decent fish and I tried to guide them there, but if I don't have perfect directions they won't find it. They stopped at the two on wasn't open, and they said the fish at the other place didn't look good. Also, if anyone knows, what day do they get their shipments?

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  1. Best Fish in town is being sold at Surf and Turf in the plaza between Hwy2, Old Cheney and 56th.

    I have never been a fan of Thai Garden so I can't help you on that one. Sorry.

    1. I know this is a really old post, but I thought I'd be a good citizen and reply.

      Thai Garden does still have (relatively) cheap lunch specials, but they're nothing to write home about. In fact when I went there for the first time last week my dish - basil beef- was so bland as to be laughable (there was absolutely no basil in the dish, only somewhat soggy strips of beef and sliced onions, and even though it was marked spicy it was about as spicy as liver and onions), and my husband's pad si ew was also barely edible.

      I suspect it may have declined since you've been there, ajb05854, because it was to Thai food what Chef Boy-ar-dee is to Italian. Which is to say, it's an approximation, but only because it's roughly the same colors. The tom kha gai had no chicken in it at all (even though "gai" means chicken!) - it was the wateriest, least coconut-milk-based, barely spiced tom kha gai I've ever had. We definitely won't be going back. Blue Orchid is far, far better.

      Re: fresh fish, I would suggest going to Surf and Turf or Open Harvest, which gets fish flown in every other day, over one of the Vietnamese markets (of which there are now many on 27th north of O).

      Sorry I don't have better news for the OP or anyone else hoping to luck out at Thai Garden...

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        Thanks for the reply, my sister and her boyfriend are driving home soon (halfway across the country) before she moves out of the country and she was curious about it. She's the one that went to UNL who used to go there all the time. The pad si ew was great. about 8 years ago. I didn't check it out the last time I was in NE. My parents don't make it to Lincoln very much and I don't make it back to NE much as well.

        For fresh fish, I always liked absolutely fresh out of Omaha. I'm sure it's still ok because I have an aunt who goes there regularly and is really, really picky about food.

        I was back in the state a few months ago. My lady friend finds it hilarious how I have some ability to find out of the way places to eat. We were in Grand Island, cranky, and hungry. We came across Napoli's. It was pretty good. The funniest thing is that they used to be in Columbus. My parents told me about this place for a while, but they moved for local political reasons (couldn't get a liquor license from what they heard). What the lady friend ordered was fine, but not that good. I ordered something outstanding. I'd recommend it if you're in the area. It's right west of a decent mexican place that is pretty good as well.

        As far as thai food goes in NE, I LOVE a place in Omaha that's down in south Omaha on 24th. My go to place is under new ownership now and not as good. I went there over Christmas when I was sick as heck. I kind of stumbled in, said to the lady that I was sick and I wanted some chicken soup because I was sick. I was really stumblingly sick. I just threw some cash on the counter and that's it. The girlfriend was driving me. I got the best soup I've ever eaten. I gave my mom a little and she agreed. I pretty much had to drag it away from her. It was that good and that is one of my favorite restaurants because of that. Give it a try....I'm sure you can find it on yelp. Sorry I don't know the name. I do remember how to drive there!

        One other thing that is hilarious. On my mom's b-day, she drove to Lincoln just to eat some pho. She'd never had it before but heard me and my sister talk about it all the time. That was 4 months ago and it still makes me laugh. She went to a place on 27th that was a little north of O. She loved it BTW.