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Boxty in Boston?

Does anyone know where in the Boston area, that I can get a Boxty?

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    1. re: Taralli

      M J Oconnors shows them as an appetizer. I am under the understanding it is like a potato pancake sandwich.

      1. re: RiceRulz

        While boxty are often served with a filling, the name "boxty" refers to the potato pancakes themselves, which may or may not be stuffed.

    2. I haven't been to McGreevey's in awhile, but they had 5 or 6 different versions last I checked.

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      1. re: L2k

        McGreevy's doesn't show them on their menu. I'll give them a call.

        1. re: L2k

          I called McGreevy's and the nice woman, Kate, that answered the phone, said they didn't have them.

          1. re: RiceRulz

            That's a shame. I really enjoyed trying them there -- had never had it elsewhere, so can't say if it was authentic or not, but very tasty.

        2. I had it at Whiskey Priest on the waterfront awhile back.

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          1. re: hiddenboston

            I just called Whiskey Priest, and they said that they didn't have them. Are the people that are answering the phones at McGreevy's and Whiskey Priest mistaken?

            1. re: RiceRulz

              I had them there awhile back, so maybe they took it off the menu. Too bad, as they were good there.

          2. MJ OConnor's - and they are delish - the cheese sauce they serve them with is amazing

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            1. re: meeps2002

              I called MJ O'conner's and they said that they didn't have them. I am still looking.

              1. re: RiceRulz

                The had them 2 weeks ago - the one in Back Bay definitely does and still lists them on their menu

                Irish Boxty Wedges Potato crepe wedges fried to a golden brown & served with cheddar cheese dip 9

                  1. re: RiceRulz

                    Yes - I did look at the Seaport area location menu and they weren't listed. Looks like only the one in Back Bay

            2. Townsend's in Hyde Park had/has great ones (are they closed already?).

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                Townsend's is locked up, dark, and has menacing signs up about no trespassing.

              2. B Street in Newton has a boxty-like crispy potato cake on its brunch menu. Less boxty-like but nonetheless delicious are the potato pancakes served every day at Cafe Polonia.


                1. Too bad the Green Briar took them off the menu. That's the only place I've had them.

                  The Lansdowne Pub has them on the menu as a side, no cheese sauce from what I can see. I haven't tried them, though.