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Jan 30, 2012 09:12 PM

3 nights in NYC

i'm spending three days in NYC and am looking for "must not miss" recommendations. We won't be eating at Per Se, but am looking for great eats at a slightly more reasonable price. Staying in midtown. Thanks.

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  1. Details, details, details! Add some please. Less than per se pretty much means any restaurant in the city: a huge number.

    1. There are more than 3 nights worth of stuff to due so you might specify what else you will be doing.

      The street vendor award site might interest you:

      Riding the #7 train out to queens, where it is elevated above roof top height, would also be an interesting trip which is convenient from mid town.

      1. When is your trip? This will impact reservation availability.

        How many people in your party? Any allergies? Picky eaters? Special needs?

        Where are you traveling from? Favorite cuisines?

        Where are you staying? Can you give the cross streets? Midtown is big.

        How much do you wish to pay per person, excluding tax, tip, wine/drinks? "Less than Per Se" isn't specific enough. Can you give a dollar figure? $50pp? $100pp before tax/tip/wine? More?