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Jan 30, 2012 09:09 PM

U-10 dry pack scallops [dtw]

been to costco, superior fish, asian shops in madison hts. nobody has dry pack scallops. any clues? and any ideas who'd be the cheapest? looking for U-10 to U-15 sized ones...any bigger and they get tough

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  1. While they don't usually have u-10, if you're looking for dry packed scallops I'd suggest Oceanside Seafood... A great operation that unfortunately seems to be little known outside the local Japanese community. You can check out their website to see their offerings, but note that online their listed prices are higher than if you buy in person.

    Although, I admit it is a little strange to be buying sashimi grade fish out of a van in a parking lot, but their prices and quality can't be beat. If you're interested you can find their schedule at their website.

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      You might try Holiday Market in Royal Oak, they have great seafood.

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        Reading this and how it is strange to be buying fish out of a truck in a parking lot I just had to respond. When I lived in Minneapolis there was a truck that came up from the gulf(Galveston I think) with fresh shrimp and some fish. They came about once a month or so. They actually acquirred the shrimp and fish off the boat in the gulf and drove all night to MN and sold it out of their trucks in various parking lots throughout the city. I just purchased the shrimp. It was the most delectable shrimp ever! It was definitely wild, gulf shrimp.

        I'm excited to hear about Oceanside. I do need to find out where their shrimp and other seafood is from. No farmed shrimp(or fish) is acceptable.

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          What's the name of the truck and when/which parking lots can you find it? I live in Minneapolis and I'd love to able to get fresh, day-old fish.

        1. best product/price i've seen is vince and joes on garfield...$17/lb...dry pack
          worked well when i cooked it, barely any liquid came out.

          also in addition, only place in dtw that i've seen skate wing sold (3 bucks a lb) far as i'm concerned, best seafood counter i've seen so far. Not as big of a selection as the megastores, but a good young fishmonger with the balls to carry some of these items > megastores such as holiday market and whole foods

          1. If you have a favorite restaurant that you are a regular at... they will often sell you a lb or 2 near cost.