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Jan 30, 2012 08:30 PM

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica


A late group of us are going to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, and though it doesn't seem there are too many restaurants there, we'd love suggestions for what's good or not that great. There are also a bunch of totally food-loving folks within the group, so we'd be willing to travel a little bit away for a decent meal.


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  1. This outdoor beach front restaurant is hard to miss since its sitting right on the main drag in the center of town under the canopy of a couple of large threes. It has different levels of terraces and a cosy lounge area that overlooks the street life and the beach. Large menu with latin american and caribbean specialities but also a great hamburger. Happy Hour drinks daily 5-7 except Mondays when the place is closed. The restaurant is built entirely from salvages, repurposed, recycled, up cycled materials and objects which lends it a rustic but comfortable elegance. Friendly service, great ambiance, good music and very good quality food at a fair price. If you are lucky you will see a sloth moving thru the restaurants ceiling beams heading to the almond tree in the center of the dining area. A must visit when in Puerto Viejo

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      It might be helpful to know the name of the place too - Koki Beach Restaurant + Bar + Lounge

    2. la pecora nera in playa cosles just % min drive towards manzanillo, great italian homemade pastas, raises his own ducks etc.......