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Spec. Spices-Fennel Pollen?

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Looking to find a place to purchase fennel pollen locally. Tried both Kitchen Window and Penzy's and neither carry. Anywhere else locally that carriers spec. spices?

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  1. Give any of the coops a call. Wedge, Seward, or Mississippi Markets.

    1. Kitchen Window has carried it in the past so good place to look.

      Have you tried my "go to" for odd stuff--Surdyks?

      Coops perhaps, or some of the italian grocery stores--Cosettas, Broders and that place in NE i can never remember the name of--Delmonico's Italian Foods. Clancy's had a fennel pollen sausage, so I might try there, too.

      Please report back. It is lovely stuff, and I would love to know where you found it.