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Jan 30, 2012 05:04 PM

Rec's near Cavour Subway stop: lunch and dinner

Staying in the Monti. Looking for the latest, up-to-date, recommendations walking distance from Cavour subway stop. Be lively, tell me why and what would be good to order.

Side question: so looking forward to real fresh squeezed blood orange juice (spremuta). Do all local bars offer this? Is it a specialty?

Rome in late February!

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  1. Oh dear, so much to choose from. Here ya go:

    L'Asino d'Oro: much discussed on these boards. Creative Umbrian spins, which change seasonally (so I can't tell you what to order) Best deal is the three course 12 euro lunch.

    Taverna dei Fori Imperiali - this is my neighborhood favorite, which has just made it into the new book "1000 things to do before you Die" for whatever that's worth. Warm and friendly, family run. Don't bother looking at the menu, but let the waiter (Aldo) tell you what's the specials of the day. They always have incredible buratta-stuffed ravioli, to die for. Lately I've been loving their truffled version of caccio e pepe, as delcious as it sounds.

    Tricolore: Best sandwiches in town, for lunch. They are expensive, but when you're talking about things like a Paolo Parisi egg with truffles, it's worth it. AMAZING hamburger, dripping with homemade mayo.

    Trattoria Valentino: On Via Boschetto, the sign says Birreria Perroni, but that's just an old fresco. This is an odd, and delicious, place that often gets overlooked. They usually don't serve pasta, but have excellent hamburgers (I know, it sounds wierd, but trust me, they are great) as well as scamorza, grilled. Amazingly good side veggies. And deserts from Regoli. So what's not to like?

    Urbana 47: locavore forerunner in Rome, recently underwent a change and now has a new chef so the menu is a bit more upscale. Lovely interiors, sort of shabby chic.

    And since you're in the 'hood, here are some enotecas:
    Al Vino al Vino
    Tre Scalini
    La Barrique
    Because you're sure to get thirsty, right?

    1. Forgot: Yes, all bars do spremuta. La Licata, newly redecorated and looking mighty fine, on the corner of Via dei Serpenti and Via Leonina, is a good spot for breakfast.

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        I am also looking in this area, but for a nice 4-star restaurant.

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          I think the absolute best place in walking distance of the Metro Cavour stop is Pipero al Rex, which is located in the Rex hotel. There are around 16 seats, the host Alessandro Pipero is charming and hospitable and the chef does some outstanding dishes like goose breast tartare with apples and mustard and Giandiua-filled cappelletti in squab broth. His most famous dish, however, is spaghetti alla carbonara, which is exquisite and done in the Roscioli style with big crispy chunks of guanciale and luscious yolky condiment and coarsely ground pepper and liberal pecorino.

          Of minchilli's suggestions I would second L'Asino d'Oro, which is great for lunch and has fantastic atmosphere and La Barrique for wine.