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Jan 30, 2012 04:44 PM

MANniu X73 wok gas burner

How to purchase in N America? I can only find commercial purchases in lots of 30. No good. I know that 'doctorandchef' has one.

o - Are any modifications necessary or advisable for N American use?
o - What kind of cost would I be looking at including shipping?

I just purchased a Easton 22 inch carbon steel outdoor wok kit and after examining and after viewing the DVD I'm not convinced at 200 dollars it was the right choice. I've got a 30 day, no questions asked return.

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  1. asiaho at, his name is John Ho, my contact at manniu. pretty quick responder.

    look on youtube for various Manniu videos. I love the performance of my x73.

    He sold me the single unit and to ship to USA was quoted as 130usd (only 30$ to ship to HK!). the unit itself was an absolute bargain at around 35usd or so, vastly superior to anything I could find available in north america online or otherwise. perhaps find a few people to split the cost of shipping to dollar cost average it.

    I did have to use my own valve to connect to the north amercian propane tank, other than that the connection is pretty straight forward. you have to twist the screws pretty tight to prevent blowouts which could be extremely dangerous given the high pressures. I got the valve from another burner I bought from NYC.

    I would strongly advise you to use this OUTDOORS only, with a fire extinguisher handy just in case of flameouts. the flame is pretty intense and will spill over the side of the wok, if you're not careful you could flambe your entire wok of oil if you're deep frying something. I put my whole setup on cinder blocks, with absolutely nothing flammable around the area.

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    1. re: doctorandchef

      So I assume and correct me where wrong:

      o - John Ho may be willing to ship a single unit
      o - it arrived without connections and you successfully attached a N American style BBQ .....connection without any modification and no need for additional parts
      o - what valve from another burner are you referring to?

      Of course, I would only use it outdoors, safely, and would have a suitable fire extinguisher handy. I've watched many youtube videos including yours.

      How is John Ho's English because I can only use a Western alphabet?

      Anyhow so pleased with you 1st reply. :D

      Edit for clarity:
      Are the connections you're using is the standard American hose leading from the propane tank to the burner. I would love a photo of where the hose attaches to the X73.

      1. re: doctorandchef


        In your video there is a a steel shell that surrounds your burner. Where can I find one? That is the missing piece to my puzzle.

        Thank you.

      2. I agree - that's a lot of money for a stand burner (65,000 btu) plus a wok ...). There are lots of choices in outdoor gas burners. Nearly all of them are inexpensive yet also push out really high BTUs.

        Here are burners:

        And of course there are lots of carbon steel wok choices, and you can choose between flat or round bottom.

        Here are some resources, to help you get seasoning a carbon wok correctly. Please note that you should do a full heat treatment BEFORE using any oil. The phase with oil is AFTER the heat treatment.

        One thing to bear in mind (and this is true for cast also) - is that as you keep going through the seasoning process, you'll notice that your paper towels are getting black residue on them. Once it IS seasoned properly, this will no longer happen. The black will stay on the wok/pan and only oil will come off onto your paper towels. This will give you a definitive notion of whether it is fully seasoned or not.

        I love those super high btu burners ... sweet. I hope this helps!

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        1. re: jkling17

          Man, I hate buyers remorse. :D

          After reading through this eGullet thread I'm having 2nd thoughts.

          None of the posters who own the Easton wok burner expressed regrets regarding its performance. Some of the photos of the Easton unit in action showed big flame.

          The Easton DVD that I watched was pitiful, I couldn't see the flame. I was looking for a fried rice video that used vigorous pan tossing. They didn't have one. The two chefs in the videos stirred like Martha Stewart. :D They were obviously cooking at low temperatures and were following an additive style of cooking crowding the wok - think steaming. No 'wok hei' demonstrations at all.

          My remaining big concern is litigation, talked about in the eGullet thread. The Easton unit is CSA (Canada) approved. And if things go wrong, provided I've followed best practices, my insurance should cover me. 200 hundred dollars suddenly seems cheap.

          So, reconsidering one more time I might keep the Easton 'Big Kahuna'

          Thanks for all your links: - a lot of work and appreciated.