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What to do with cabbage

I got inspired when I was at the grocery store recently and purchased cabbage. I've never actually cooked with cabbage before, believe it or not. Any ideas for simple, but delicious ways to prepare?

I was thinking of chopping and sauteeing in a little olive oil with onions and spices. But really, I have no idea what to do. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Cabbage sauteed w /onions (or w/onions and garlic) is delicious. So is cabbage cooked w/all of these plus bacon (or pancetta).

    So is Molly Stevens's braised cabbage:


    And if you want to get decadent, cabbage cooked with cream and a little nutmeg is also delicious.

    1. google Molly Katzen's World's Best Braise cabbage. You will be glad you did.

      1. We had the absolutely simplest cabbage first course last night. Cut cabbage into quarters, remove core. Lay into skillet with water halfway up cabbage, cover and cook until just tender. Remove and drain on towel. Toast or grill bread until it is very brown--a little burned edge is great. Rub with garlic and then drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper. Put cabbage wedge on top, drizzle with more olive oil, salt and pepper. Serve with knife and fork. The subtle sweetness of the cabbage--mine was just plain old green--was wonderful.

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          Thanks for reminding me of this simple but wonderful prep. Had it today for lunch, thanks to you.

          1. I had never cooked cabbage before last week. Decided to pick up a head and give it a try.'

            I started out thinking I'd microwave it since a Google search turned up many microwave recipes. One of which called for caraway seeds. Well we didn't have any caraway seeds but we did have fennel seeds!

            I thought what the heck I'll try the fennel seeds. But then I thought instead of steaming it in the microwave why not saute/toast the fennel seeds in a pot with some butter, add in the cabbage and continue to saute till all the cabbage has some of butter on it. Oh the aroma of those fennel seeds!

            Then I added just enough water to cover the cabbage, salted and peppered cover and brought to a boil. Then brought down to a simmer and cooked for a mere 5 minutes. During the cooking time I had smokey pre cooked bacon I heated in the microwave till very crispy, two pieces crumbled to 'bacon bits'. When the cabbage was done I drained off about half the water put in a bowl and added in the bacon bits! It was soooo good!

            Cabbage is just so good for us and I really need to get more leafy green veggies into my diet and cabbage looks like an easy prep and cook leafy veggie that makes that easy to do.

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              I think the best cabbage dish I ever made was roasted red cabbage and onions. Thickly sliced cabbage, thinly sliced onions, caraway seeds, olive oil, salt and pepper. Hot oven, 20-25 minutes, dressed with a tangy mustard vinaigrette. It was fantastic. If you had one of those mesh grill pans, you could do it on the grill and it would be a perfect side for brats or kielbasa.

            2. Whatever you make, plan on either making a very large portion or two different cabbage dishes. If you've never cooked with cabbage before, you will be amazed with how much cabbage is actually inside those things when you chop them up.

              1. Raw cabbage is also a great base for a salad. The most obvious is a traditional cole slaw. Search the board for " cole slaw" and you will find a wealth of recipes and variations. I also use raw cabbage as the bedding for a spicy, Thai style beef salad. And I recently found a recipe on epicurious.com for "cilantro slaw," used as a garnish for chicken or fish tacos. Happy to share any of these recipes, including my own cole slaw recipe, if these are of interst.

                1. Remove outer leaves to reveal tender inner leaves. Avoid pieces from the core. Cut into thin strips (about 1/8 inch). If strips are too long for your skillet you can then cut them in half to shorten them. Heat some butter in skillet, drop the cut cabbage in the pan and saute (keep stirring) over medium heat until wilted but still somewhat crisp (just a few minutes) then add a few tablespoons of chicken stock, reduce heat, stir, sprinkle with some caraway or dill seed, cover and simmer over low heat for a minute or two. Uncover, stir, serve. Top each serving with crushed bacon bits if you like.
                  Sorry I don't have a "recipe" per se; I just make it so frequently I just eyeball everything. It's a dish I learned from my grandmother so I suspect it's either German, Russian, Rumanian or Jewish (she moved about the European continent quite a lot).

                  Fry 2 - 3 slices of good quality bacon over medium heat until well browned but not crisp. Remove and drain on paper towels. Good quality bacon should give you some remaining fat but if there's more fat than you believe necessary, drain part of it away and return to heat. Add 2 - 3 teaspoons of butter to the pan along with about 3/4 to one pound of finely sliced (shredded if you have a shredder) cabbage. Be sure not to include any portion of the cabbage core.
                  Cook the cabbage, turning frequently, but don't let it get brown (just long enough for it to offer a tender resistance to bite when tested).
                  Meanwhile, chop the bacon (finely chopped) and blend it with 2 - 3 tablespoons of sour cream (use yogurt if you like) and stir that into the cabbage. When heated through, remove from heat, serve.

                  1. If you need a winter dish, a home favorite is just to chop the cabbage and a white onion and place in the crockpot w/ chicken broth to just cover, w/ a touch of salt and pepper. Low for 7-8 hours should do it. When you get home, make buttered egg noodles and top them with cabbage, and top it all with sour cream mixed with a little white wine and horseradish. Chunks of kielbasa or ham, browned or not, is delicious in this too. Taste for salt before serving.
                    There's always Baja fish tacos, classically topped w/ thinly-shredded cabbage. Won't use much, but they're great.
                    It's great sauteed (thinly sliced) and stirred into fried rice.

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                      OMG that all looks so VERY good. I'm not a crock pot kinda guy but the cabbage/noodle dish is on my list for the month. Thanks ....

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                        dude, you'll completely love this. I don't use the crock much, but the low/slow of it really does something amazing here; the cabbage comes out soft and unctuous, but not overcooked or limp, and this is like the most amazing pot of comfort. You could sure do something faster, stovetop or oven, but my results haven't been as good that way.

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                        This sounds really good but I don't have a crockpot. How would you adjust this for stovetop or oven cooking?


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                          For stovetop, use a very large pot and leave it go for a good e hours on a VERY low flame.Bring to an easy boil first; cover, adjust flame, and leave the pot lid the tinies bit ajar. If you have a flame-tamer, use it. :)
                          The oven could work either way. You could basically use your oven as a slow cooker, if you have a dutch oven or a roaster w/ a tight-fitting lid. Start your veg stovetop, as you preheat the oven to 225, bring to a boil as I mentioned before, transfer to dutch oven; cover tightly and you could let this go for up to 7 hours, so it's a great work dish if leaving the oven on doesn't make you paranoid. Otherwise, follow the above directions, only preheat to 350, and like the stovetop, give it about 3 hours. You won't believe the texture and flavor. Bon Apetit!

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                            Thanks so much for the instructions. I'll definitely try this. I owned a crock pot many years ago but never used it, and gave it away. Now I'm home alone, I don't think I'd have much use for it.

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                          ay mama that cabbage with egg noodles sounds amaaaaazing!

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                            Make it make it make it, girlfriend! Bet it's a hit, to home...Oh, and once I wanted a heartier meal, so I used smoked pork chops. Whoa. Those things fell off the bone but kept their character, and they absorbed all the juices, and oh oh oh
                            WTF am I talking about, "A winter dish?" Bullhonk!! I'm making it this month too!

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                            OMG, I'm trying this my next day off! Got to remember to pick up cabbage on my way home tonight.

                            Drool, I can almost smell and taste this!

                          3. 1/4 cabbage, shredded
                            squeeze of lemon juice
                            75g (3oz) creamy blue cheese
                            small handful walnuts

                            1. Heat a large fry pan over a medium high heat.

                            2. Add a few tablespoons of olive oil and stir fry cabbage for about 5 minutes or until cabbage is just tender but still a little crunchy. Reduce the heat if the cabbage starts to burn or brown too quickly.

                            3. Remove from the heat Squeeze over a little lemon and then crumble over chunks of cheese. Scatter with walnuts and serve in the pan so the cheese melts down with the residual heat and forms an oozy sauce.

                            serves 2 as a side dish

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                            1. Cabbage 'Greens'....Season well with any of the usual/normal pork seasoning meats.....Serve with Corn Bread, and hot pepper sauce...........

                              Cabbage & Weenies.....Cook several weenies in with the Cabbage.....Serve with Corn Bread, and Yellow Mustard for dipping ~~` If ya dip a piece of weenie in the mustard...then take a bite of corn bread...it may may your think of the State Fair. :)


                              1. Interesting thread about stuffed cabbage/cabbage rolls I bookmarked long ago....

                                1. Slice the cabbage into 1/2 inch ribbons and sauté on high heat to get a little brown on. Then use as the "noodles" in whatever pad thai-like variation you prefer. Honestly, we never use rice noodles for our "pad thai" anymore, as the household just loves the cabbage noodles instead.

                                  1. cabbage is a great addition to pasta. I've had it with fresh sage, capers, lemon, onions. If you google pasta with cabbage, you will find some delicious-looking recipes, calling for pancetta or anchovies.

                                    I really love the grilled fish taco recipe on Chow- it has a simple slaw of cabbage, cilantro, red onion, and lime juice which I have grown a little obsessed with. It goes as a great side to fish in general.

                                    If you are feeling adventurous, you could make papusas and curtido, which is a salvadorean slaw that is usually served with the papusas.

                                    My best friend and I invented something called the "west coast salad nicoise" with cured salmon, edamame, cabbage, carrots, sprouts, with a miso dressing, which is also delish.

                                    Cabbage rocks!

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                                      If you like cabbage and pasta try sauerkraut and pasta. Saute' some chopped bacon with chopped onion and pour it over the top.

                                    2. two really simple methods I use a lot (in addition to the quarter and braise method -- either stove top or in oven) mentioned by one of the other posters:

                                      shred cabbage.
                                      heat a bit of oil of your choice in pain.
                                      add some cumin seeds and sautee for about a minute.
                                      add a bit of tumeric.
                                      add cabbage, cover, and just leave it there on a low flame for about 10 - 15 minutes.

                                      shred cabbage
                                      steam over boiling water a few minutes.
                                      dress with a vinagrette heavy on the mustard

                                      1. My favorite cabbage recipe is uber simple. Just shredded cabbage sauteed in an obscene amount of butter & seasoned with freshly ground black pepper & sea or Kosher salt to taste.

                                        1. I live in a 2-person household and we go through 1-2 cabbages per week. I shred it into salads, make coleslaw (vinegar-based as a side for sandwiches), make it into soup in the winter, and stirfry it year round.

                                          Last night, I stirfried it with fresh garlic and ginger in a little bit of olive oil and sesame oil. At the end, I splashed on a bit of soy for salt. My boyfriend ate half of a cabbage worth of it. When I'm broke, I'll mix that with a pack or two of ramen noodles. It's horribly unhealthy but one of my favorite cheapie junkfoods.

                                          Growing up, my dad made cabbage soup regularly in the winter. Saute onions, a bit of garlic, and a variety of other veggies (driven by what's in the fridge). Add a bunch of cabbage, chicken or beef stock. If you like a bit of salt and more flavoring, through in a packet of dried soup mix (Knorr spring vegetable was a favorite in our house). Cheap, easy, and feeds a ton of people. And it's seriously healthy (excl. the salt).

                                          Seriously though, we could live on cabbage. So good!

                                          1. Just made this last night for dinner and it was really good. Leftovers for tonight's dinner!


                                            1. Marcella Hazan's winter meatball with savoy cabbage is my all time favorite cabbage recipe (meatball too). You cook the cabbage until it reduces and carmalizes.


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                                                Thanks for posting this, I am so going to make it as soon as it gets cool enough. I love Marcella's meatball recipe, though I've never seen the serve-it-on-braised-cabbage variation -- genius!

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                                                  You are welcome. BTW Marcella uses pancetta instead of the prosciutto in this recipe but everything else looks pretty close. I always use more parsley than she calls for. You gotta try it.

                                                  1. re: cajundave

                                                    It's funny, the polpettine recipe I use (from the paperback, "The Classic Italian Cookbook") is very similar to this one but does not call for pancetta (or prosciutto). Even without pancetta/prosciutto they are the best meatballs I've ever had -- so I imagine the pancetta will just push them right over the top!

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                                                  Oh savoy cabbage! I've made converts of cabbage-haters with savoy. It's so good!

                                                3. I agree with the other suggestion of making curtido (salvadoran cole slaw). It's usually served with pupusas but I love eating it with eggs or any latin-inspired breakfast (try a black bean burger, fried egg & curtido... mmm... I just made some with: 1/4 cabbage, 1 carrot, 1/2 onion, 1 hot pepper (any kind and amount, depending on how much spice you like). Shred them all. Mix about 1/2 c white vinegar with 2 t sugar. Add to veggies + 2 tsp oregano (Mexican if you have it). I store it in a quart container (or 2) and fill the remaining space with water. Add a packet of Sazon if you have it.

                                                  Option 2: slice cabbage lengthwise (3/4 in thick), bruch both sides with olive oil, sprinkle w salt, cumin & pepper, bake until tender. The thinner sections get crispy, thicker get soft. Stole this from Martha Stewart.

                                                  3: Can't find the recipe now but mix shredded cabbage & onions, black beans. Make vinaigrette with oil, oj, cumin, s&p & sherry vinegar (a splash). Ooh this is good.

                                                  1. Before we went low carb Colcanon was a great favorite. Cabbage, cut into 1" squares, onion, same size, and a piece of smoked pork butt, or ham, enough to shred when fully cooked, with mashed potatoes added when cabbage & ham are cooked and drained, then add loads of butter. OH MY Gosh, I crave it sometimes, but have done it without the spuds and it is still very tasty. First time I did it, DH looked at it and said That doesn't look very good, but ate his words when he tasted it, and wants it again. He never complains about a meal so I was surprised to hear him say that.
                                                    I used to fry it in butter when the kids were home, and they called it lobster cabbage.
                                                    Add some thinly sliced to regular salad for texture & crunch.

                                                    1. My mom always made fried cabbage, she sauteed cabbage with onions, and garlic, until wilted, then add cooked buttered egg noodles to the cabbage. It's amazingly good!! I make it often now for my husband and kids. Also, I use cabbage for a topping on any taco I make

                                                      1. I love to cut it to thin slices, and sauté it with slices of hotdogs. very simple but works so well together.


                                                        1. Lots of suggestions for tacos - that's our primary usage. Fry the fish, on a tortilla, toss ripe tomatoes and cheddar on top, then some thinly sliced cabbage, and then a spicy mayo-chipolte sauce, a squirt of lime, and some chopped cilantro.

                                                          1. I made a nice cabbage lime pickle as a side for an Indian meal last night . It is shredded cabbage sauteed in coconut oil or ghee with onion , garlic, ginger, lime juice, a little cayenne, a little sugar and finished with a little sesame oil.

                                                            1. Sayur lodeh is my favorite cabbage dish. I admit to using a packaged mix (Prima taste) but this recipe looks good: http://tamarindandthyme.wordpress.com...

                                                              1. The above suggestions for cabbage and egg noodles is a wonderful combination. One of those things that tastes better than it sounds (to me). I was inspired by the Diners, Drive ins and Dives show that featured Haluski. Bacon, onion, cabbage, egg noodles, supposedly a Pittsburgh tradition. It has become one of our favorite dishes.

                                                                Sometimes I'll make the cabbage, onions and noodles vegetarian and serve smoked sausage on the side.

                                                                1. We buy garlic and cheese italian sausage and hate to lose the cheese so we make a cabbage and leek dish with the sausages and boiled potatoes. It involves sauteing the whole sausages in olive oil until half cooked and putting them aside. In the same pan saute sliced leeks and wedges of savoy cabbage (onions and garlic as well if you like) in more olive oil and some butter - add salt and pepper as they cook. Keeping the heat up add a few big glugs of a dry white wine . After wine has reduced some a good chicken or vegetable stock is added, sausages are returned to the pan and the dish simmers covered. From this point only simmer, don't boil. Before the cabbage starts falling apart add some par boiled small potatoes and finish with a handfull of chopped parsley.
                                                                  Crusty bread to mop up the sauce is mandatory.