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Jan 30, 2012 03:20 PM

Best Places for Lunch in SD

Hi all,

Can I get some suggestions for good, possibly new lunch places in SD with nice ambiance?


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  1. San Diego is a very large county, where do you want to eat lunch and do you have a vehicle?

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      I concur - socal1, you have to understand that San Diego County is just a tad smaller than Connecticut. Now, if you want to drive upwards of two hours, then we can provide you with several places to go. Also, your request is pretty vague - practically every restaurant in San Diego serves lunch. What sort of food are you talking about? What's your price range?

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        We would prefer to eat somewhere along the coast (La Jolla, Del Mar, etc.) and possibly with a nice ocean view. Yes, I have a vehicle. :) Even a place that serves great sandwiches, salad
        or burgers would be fine. Something casual but good. Thanks.

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          George's Bar in LJ. View can't be beat, and the food is great.

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            Solace in Encinitas is very good, as is Blue Ribbon Artisanal Pizzeria.
            Pacifica Breeze Cafe in Del Mar has ocean views.
            Prep Kitchen in La Jolla is also very good. Unfortunately, I think the Del Mar location is still closed.
            Coffee Cup Cafe in La Jolla is great for casual lunch.

            do not go to The Beach House in Cardiff. Very sub-par food, which doesn't make up for the views.

        2. Not new, but Robataya OTON has a remarkable ambiance -- and the food is quite good to boot.

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              Yes, for about a year now both Okan and Oton have had lunch menus.

              Oton is not open for lunch on weekends. Okan closes between 2-5:30 daily.

          1. El Pescador in LJ for fab fish sandwiches
            Bahia's in Bird Rock..great fish tacos, lobster burritos with cold Pacifico's watching the waves
            Roberto's in Del Mar/Carmel Valley
            Board and Brew..great deli sandwiches
            Fidel's in Solana Beach..they have one of the best chile rellenos and chicken burritos
            La Valencia back patio overlooking the Pacific
            George's ocean terrace
            Eddie V's LJ
            Piatti's LJ
            Lodge at Torrey Pines..great burger
            Claire's on Cedros
            Flavor Del Mar
            Kitchen 1540 at L'Auberge Del Mar
            Jakes Del Mar

            1. Thank you all for your great suggestions! I am going to have a hard time picking just one!