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Jun 16, 2006 03:15 PM

JAR-perfect meal?

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Well, next Sat. I have a business dinner at JAR, after reading all the post please tell me if this sounds like the ultimate meal in trying their best dishes. I already rang them and the Ipswich Clam Bellies aren't in season:

Two of us, start with some martinis & fried oysters for my main meal I'm going for the Pot Roast and I'm sure my friend will get the Rib Eye for sides these brussel sprouts that sound delicious as well as a side of the fries. If theres room for dessert the pudding.

Thanks board,

Stuart :>)

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  1. Well done, I say!
    BUT - I recommend adding the purple yams as a side (although the fries ARE divine, these are just so special) and dahling, DO save room for the pudding. If they have the Butterscotch, choose that, if not, chocolate is amazing too. But I assure you it's a life-changing dessert.



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        I wondered about these too. Here is a link to my post re: the mind-blowing purple yams...


    1. Had dinner at Jar last night ... wonderful from start to finish! Began with chestnut soup, then I had to have the pot roast, and boy was that fantastic. It was so tasty that I forfeited the horseradish sauce on the side ... the meat didn't need a thing! I was full, but since I'm a banana cream pie nut, I had to have it. I'm glad I did. Very good.