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Jan 30, 2012 03:18 PM

FAMILY REUNION - Balboa Park Area

I'm hoping to find a delicious place to eat that can accommodate about 80 people (75-100).
We'd love to spend the day at Balboa Park, so walking distance or a short drive would be best (zip 92101).
Ideally, we would appreciate Great Food, and hoping we could be around $20 price range including tax and gratuity (eek! possible??) We are open to Lunch, Dinne r, or Buffet, but also with a cash bar availability. Would very much appreciate any/all help. Thanks!!

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  1. I understand you want Great Food, but with that many people and that location, I think The Prado is your likeliest bet. It's in Balboa Park, so you can't beat it for walking distance.

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    1. re: Josh

      That was my first thought too, although I think even at lunch they might be hard pressed to come in at $20 ++ pp

      At 80 people +/- that's actually a small catering event. The Prado has some nice rooms upstairs on the 2nd level that would probably work for 80 people and they have an elevator from the kitchen to that level for easy transport of food.

    2. Thanks, tried there but with facility rental + catering= $50++

      Hoping a restaurant near by can assist :)

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      1. re: RoxiP

        So the Prado is saying that for around $5k for lunch at $50++ pp, they can do it...that is so absurd.
        I would call Lesley Cohn direct..owner of Cohn restaurant group.
        Another thought is Waters Catering...they are fantastic and would be in your price point..maybe brown box it with high end goodness, or picnic ideas in Balboa Park.
        They can deliver but they are in Morena which is minutes from the park.