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Jan 30, 2012 02:48 PM

Glatt Kosher Butcher in Great Neck, NY

I saw Eilat and Great Neck Glatt on the Queens Vaad list: Is one preferable over the other? It doesn't need to have groceries or take out, just good quality chicken/beef. (I was in Mazur's recently and was not that impressed).

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  1. im not a fan of eilats stuff

    great neck glatt has good quality, but i find them to be pretty overpriced, just down the block, and with a parking lot, is everfresh- which is a supermarket

    i believe theyre related to pomegranate bc theyc arry some of their prepared foods

    their quality is really great, the customer service is also really great

    theirprices depend on the week, they often have really good sales, but not always,

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    1. re: shoelace

      Thanks for telling me about Ever Fresh. Their poultry and beef look very fresh. I found the prices to be pretty consistent with what I pay at Gourmet Glatt in Cedarhurst (which I usually shop). I also agree with you on the customer service...

    2. and don't forget about Shop Delight, a full service supermarket under the VHQ near the railroad station.

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      1. re: aarongz

        I make Shop Delight my first choice. Prices are far superior to great neck glatt and they have a brand new produce and bakery department. They also have a fantastic fresh fish counter and are open late.

        1. re: KosherLawNY

          Not a fan of Shop Delight. Quality is sub par compared to the other kosher stores in GN. Management is unfriendly. Their takeout I purchased was not fresh. Seemed like the meat was old.

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        1. Great Neck Glatt has by far the best quality meat around. Their takeout food is very good as well. Important to continue to support the original butchers in town.

          1. re: LA Hungry

            I agree. Best quality of meat in GN is from GN Glatt.