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Jan 30, 2012 01:39 PM

30th birthday dinner help! need hip trendy and fabulous food!

i was suggested to twenty five lusk. its my sisters 30th and definitely want something fun and nice! any advice is welcome!

i also am looking for another reservation for a dinner the following night. perhaps seafood? someone told me waterbar but i am not sure after looking at reviews.


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  1. I've been to La Mar (next to Ferry Bldg) for a BD celebration, and I think it would fit your bill. There's a nice bar in the front where you can gather and start your evening and then move inside for dining. They can accommodate groups too.

    1. The downstairs lounge at Twenty-five Lusk is indeed very hip and trendy. The upstairs dining room, as is often the case, a little bit less so but it still has a nice ambience. Not sure if they will let you order from the full dinner menu downstairs, but even if they do, the seating downstairs is not really optimal for a real dinner (other than in their private dining room). The food is decent, but I wouldn't characterize it as "fabulous."

      Alternatives would include Ozumo, which, like Lusk, has a lounge that is a little bit more hopping than the main dining room. They serve the full menu in the lounge and if you call them, they'll probably reserve space for you.

      I think rubadubgdub's suggestion of La Mar is a very good one.

      You might also consider the relatively new Parallel 37. It's the Ritz-Carlton's effort to create a hip and casual restaurant serving food created by a Michelin-starred chef in a hotel that has traditionally been considered stuffy. They are doing a pretty good job of it.

      As for Waterbar, it's fine for what it is -- a generic upscale seafood restaurant that serves good seafood at somewhat inflated prices due to its views and location. If that's what you're looking for, it should get the job done. Alternatively, La Mar would be a Peruvian option for seafood.

      1. How many people in the party? Prospect fits the bill too, and I've seen a large party of 10+ in the back space. Food is above avg, drinks are very well crafted.

        I've never been to 25 Lusk but have heard the same as everyone.. mediocre food with a swanky interior. I'd consider that as a post-dinner drinking spot instead.

        For seafood, try Anchor & Hope

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