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Jan 30, 2012 01:22 PM

Fresh Whole Turkeys

Anyone know a reliable source for fresh whole turkeys near Silver, Spring MD? I don't mind driving to a farm to pick it up.

I tried calling Maple Lawn but only got an answering machine for some other business.

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  1. The best, IMHO, is Hillside Turkey Farm in Thurmont, Maryland.

    1. You might try the Amish market in Laurel. There is a stand there that sells fresh poultry.

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      1. re: helmswoman

        Yes, I had a very successful trip to the Amish market in Laurel last night. I wanted a 15 lb. turkey, but the largest they had was a 10.5 lbs so I picked up a 5 lb duck as well. The turkey was $2.39/lb and the duck was $2.99/lb.

        I've never cooked duck before, so this will be an experiment. The kind Amish woman behind the counter told me to cook the duck for 4 hours at 350 F, and you want it to just fall off the bone. That seems way too long? I'm tempted to attempt to de-bone it myself and make a turduck but that may be too much work.

        Anyone have some simple duck tips? I could fry it after the turkey I imagine as well, but roasting seems to be the preferred method for duck.

        I will def. be making more trips back to the Laurel Amish market. Their selection and freshness beats anything I've seen in DC. In search of fresk turkey, I went to every meat shop in the Florida Ave wholesale market and even called Capital Hill Poultry in Eastern Market, and everything they get comes in frozen.

        Brining the birds overnight, and then letting them air dry in the fridge for 24 hours before the fry for the big game on Sunday. I will take pictures and report back.

        1. re: DC_eats

          Next time you can always have special order at the Amish Market and they usually bring the product the following week.

          A 5lb duck usually takes about 1 1/2- 2hrs to cook - I recommend finding a receipe on and use the one that sounds best to you.

      2. I found this on another thread and have wanted to try it, but have not yet.....
        Amazing Five Hour Duck

        I have deboned chicken and it is not difficult you just patience and a SHARP knife.

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        1. re: mscoffee1

          Everyone seems to have their own interpretation on how to cook a duck. Hopefully I make it by without setting off the smoke alarm. I am going to pierce the skin all over as this site recommends to render as much as the fat as possible.

          1. re: DC_eats

            I have the same smoke alarm problem. I set up my portable fan just outside the kitchen doorway and turn it on high facing into the kitchen to keep the smoke in and away from the smoke alarm.

            Enjoy your duck -- once you try it and figure out the logistics of dealing with the fat as it cooks (and saving it!) and getting the skin crisp, you'll want to cook it as often as you can. One of the best duck meals I've ever had ~ one of the best meals I've ever had period ~ was served by friends, roasted with a rich sauce (certainly must have been a demi glace) with Chambourd and fresh raspberries and fresh thyme. I need to try and recreate that one time....

            1. re: DC_eats

              I had never seen the 300 degree method before and scoring seems like a good idea if I could avoid cutting the meat. Actually it looks like they don't even cut through all the fat which protects the meat. Please post how it turns out. Good luck with your smoke alarm.