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Jan 30, 2012 12:15 PM

Hillside Farmacy to open in March

See story here:

Website here:

Facebook here:

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner from the East Side Show Room crew. The press releases say menu items will include charcuterie and pate...what do you think will be on the breakfast list?

East Side Show Room
1100 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702

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  1. As a pharmacist I am starting to have a problem with this. First, there was Apothecary, btw, a place I really like to go and now this. What if a place opened and called itself the Barton Medical Office and sold sopapillos and peanut butter? Would that be fair?

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      Perhaps a broad-menued place named Generally Hospitable, or The Cardiac Ward, in the vein of the famous Heart Attack Grill?

    2. As a pharmacist as well, I can't wait to try it. I'm a pharmacy nostalgia guru, and I like the old apothecary feel. It reminds me of my mentors at K&B that inspired me when I was a kid to be a pharmacist. I wish I could have an eatery and grocery in my pharmacy! And cocktails with Peychaud's would be very appropriate!

      Although, I'm thinking the idea of a Soul Food restaurant called The Medic sounds devine :)

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        . I wish I could have an eatery and grocery in my pharmacy

        When I was growing up, my local drugstore had an eatery. We called it a soda fountain and we had canned soups, canned bbq in a bbq machine that was very popular and had a sandwich board. I worked there and that was where I learned to make pimento cheese using Velveeta and thought it delicious. Can't stand the stuff now. I guess you know that Nau's drugs still has a soda fountain and a grill although I have not been there for years. (BTW, I need part time work if you have any ideas)

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          Aww, man, you have no idea how many times I wanted to buy Nau's and put a po'boy shop in there...

          That pimento n cheese is just too funny! It's tough out there for independent pharmacies right now. Maybe one day I'll just do it... and I'll keep you on the short list for PT :)

        2. re: drdelicious

          I can see why. There was something special about that K&B purple!

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            All this pharmacy/restaurant/bar talk begs the question...should they serve Purple Drink?

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              it's comments like these, where i wish there was a facebookesque "like" button.

          2. Opened today. I had breakfast of stumptown coffee, (sou vide)poached eggs, (rockstar) bagels, (housemade) lox and a half dozen oysters. I'm looking fwd to spending some time there working through the menu.

            Love the interior. it is unrecognizable from its old days as gene's. they also have some pleasant outdoor seating as well.

            They also had lot of local grocery items for sale, as well as a deli case and lots of locally baked goods.

            First time i ever wished i lived on the east side. This place is going to be a big deal, both for the neighborhood and probably as a model for places in the rest of the state.

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              Ok here's the daughter Mickie Spencer, our chef Sonya Cote from the East Side Showroom, Greg and Jade Mathews and Wilson Brandt are the owners of Hillside Farmacy. "Farm"acy as in local farms. They will carry as much local farm fresh products as possible. However, the original owner Doc Young, one of the first African American pharmacist in Austin owned Hillside Drug at this location. They also bought the original shelves, cabinets and other decor from a 1920's drug store in Elgin called Jones Pharmacy. Mickie, Greg and Jade made it all come together to give the feel of walking into an old drug store with really good things to eat and drink!

            2. I ate there yesterday with a friend. What a charming place! Friend had the carrot puree soup and a grapefruit gratin, which she loved. I had the Forager sandwich. Great bread, and delicious brie, it created an big pool of oil on the plate. I was expecting more interesting mushrooms- these were just cremini-looking. Will go back, though, as the menu looks terrific. Wish they'd had the house-made syrups. Bakery case looks promising, carpool weeks to Kealing may be less of a drag.

              1. Had lunch there last week. Tried the Bloody Mary, house punch, tomato bisque, and "thank you" (roasted chicken) sandwich. I was a bit disappointed in the experience. Everything was slightly off, for me; the soup too acidic, the sandwich somewhat bland, the punch lacking punch. Although, the fig, olive oil, and cornmeal cake we got to go was just fantastic--I'm not sure if it was made there or by another local bakery as many (all?) of the pastries in the display case seemed to be. We were particularly disappointed that the exciting-sounding house-made sodas listed on the menu weren't available. Our server said they were still working on the recipes for those. I'm sure they rushed to get this place open by SXSW, and are still working out various kinks. Will try back in couple of months and see how things have improved.