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Best coffee shops near red line T-stops in Cambridge

I'm looking for some interesting coffee shops where I can have work meetings (I work from home), that are near the red line and also have good coffee! Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. As of now, I usually go to 1369 in Central, which is nice, but I'd like to mix it up a little.

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  1. Voltage, on 3rd street in Kendall Square.

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      Second that for Voltage.

      Keep your eyes open on Broadway in Cambridge for Dwell Time cafe opening soon by the Barismo crew......

      My favs are 1369 in Central Square, Diesel in Davis Square, and Barismo in East Arlington. I like a variety of beans for home brewing but Barismo ranks very high -- I also go for out of town beans, like Black Cat (Intelligentsia), Hair Bender (Stumptown) because they're decent and convenient to pick up.

    2. Simon's, which is about halfway between Harvard and Porter is very good.

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        Seconded, though definitely closer to Porter.

        I'm not so sure about the coffee being of the highest standard, but Bourbon Coffee (newly opened in Porter Exchange) might be a nice environment and is bigger than Simon's. If it was purely about the coffee I'd only suggest Simon's.

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          Bourbon is a gorgeous space, and much more amenable to a meeting than Simon's, which is narrow and has only tiny tables, mostly lined against a wall. Simon's coffee is great, though.

          On the other hand, I had a decaf espresso at Bourbon that was so bad that I dumped it out. Didn't make me want to try any of their other coffee offerings...

      2. I don't know how all these will work as a place for a work meeting (size, privacy, wifi, etc), but here are a few suggestions. Bonus is most have good baked good or sandwiches if more than just coffee is needed.

        In Harvard Sq: Burdicks and Crema

        Between Harvard and Central, but short walk from Harvard T: Petsi Pie on Putnam.

        Central: Andala Coffee House @ the corner of Franklin and River for non traditional coffees (Turkish, Arabic) as well as the traditional (lattes, french press, espresso, etc) and tea.

        Also in Central: Clear Conscience Cafe on Mass

        Also in Central: Toscanini on Main

        Also in Central (heading towards MIT): Flour on Mass

        Kendall: Area Four on Main Street

        Also in Kendall: Voltage on Third St (?). Good lattes, but very slow service

        1. Another vote for Voltage. Love it there.

          1. When it opens sometime in February, Dwelltime on Broadway will no doubt serve excellent coffee. It's about a 10 minute walk from the Central Sq T.

            1. Wow these seem like great suggestions. Thank you guys!

              1. Voltage is probably my favorite right now of the Red Line-proximate shops, and would offer the most room and privacy for a work meeting. I had an interview there the other day and even though it was busy it didn't feel conspicuous. Simon's is also a really great place, a little more of a typical coffee shop space (not as big) but still pretty roomy and absolutely excellent coffee. Another suggestion is Clover in Harvard Square, which makes good pourover coffee (no espresso), has tons of room between meals, and affords privacy.

                1. Diesel, right near the Davis Square T.

                  1. On coffee alone, I'd say Hi-Rise (on Mass Ave near Cambridge Common), Simon's (between Porter and Harvard), and Voltage (near Kendall) are the best on the Red Line in Cambridge. Of those, Hi-Rise would be okay for a work meeting if it wasn't around lunchtime, and Voltage would definitely work, but Simon's can get pretty crowded and is pretty small so might not be ideal.

                    Crema in Harvard Square and Diesel in Davis Square also do quite good coffee. Crema is usually completely packed around lunchtime and in the late afternoon, but could be okay mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Diesel also gets crowded around lunch, but is quite large and has more room than Crema.

                    I just tried Bourbon Coffee for the first time a few days ago (just the drip coffee) which was good but not exceptional. The space is quite nice though, would work well for a work meeting, and it is very close to the Porter T stop. Also in Porter Square, the coffeeshop at Porter Square books is pretty good, although fairly small with limited seating.

                    Clover in Harvard Square has lots of space for a work meeting and really good pourover coffee, but no espresso drinks.

                    If wifi matters to you, Simon's, Diesel, and Voltage all have wifi for a fee. Clover has good access to the Harvard wifi (which may be limited/non-available unless you have a Harvard ID) but no other wifi. Hi-Rise has good access to the Lesley wifi but no access if you don't have a Lesley ID. Crema has limited access to the Harvard wifi but it doesn't work very well in my experience. Not sure about Bourbon Coffee or the Porter Square Books coffeeshop.