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Jan 30, 2012 11:40 AM

What did you or your Mom make when you were sick?

When I was growing up my Mom didn't make the standard for our upset stomaches.... a can of warmed Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup and a handful of Saltines. Rather she would brown up some plain hamburger and mix it with a cup of plain cooked rice.

I can only imagine where she got this idea, but we ate a lot of that whenever we were sick. She'd occasionally substitute boiled chicken if we were out of hamburger, but it was served the same... with a cup of cooked plain rice. We never had this for a regular meal only when we were sick. Strange as it sounds I liked it and would eat it to settle my tummy.

Now that I'm on my own and have my own kids, I tend to make the version with boiled chicken with the rice stirred in for them.

I also refrigerate canned fruit until its icy cold and will eat that when I have a sore throat or the flu.

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  1. Don't remember any particular food, but if we had a fever and were in bed she would pile on the blankets and give us a glass of hot lemonade with vodka and wait for the fever to break. Probably not the best idea, but we never complained--how else is a kid going to get a shot of vodka without getting in trouble!

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      Holy Smacks! Vodka laced lemonade! Your nurse had a lot better arsenal to work with than mine did. ;-)

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        Vodka, that's absolutely blasphemous! Growing up, my mother wouldn't let me have hot lemonade with anything but whiskey ;-)

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          She did love a Gin Martini, so I'm just glad at that age she didn't pour gin instead.

      2. My mom made jello and a beef broth for us when we were sick. White soda to settle our stomach.

        I make white rice , throw in the hamburger with it while cooking. This is what my vet told me to give to my dog when she is sick. I have a Westie and they are notorious for sensitive stomachs.

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          Hi L4F, I called my mom and asked her the origin of the hamburger & rice dish she fed us when we were sick. Guess what she said?! When the vet prescribed it for our German Shephard after he ate on some plants that had been sprayed with bug powder she thought the bland diet would work the same for us. Go figure. :-)

        2. a very plain chicken rice porridge ("chao ga" in vietnamese). if we had a cough or sore throat, she would slice lemon and ginger very thinly and cook it in honey until soft.

          1. Pretzels (so I'd drink more) and dried apricots (so I'd go to the bathroom more). I kid you not.

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            1. re: chicgail

              My Grandma was a big believer that a large majority of ills could be solved by eating something that would make us poo. I was always a little skeeved out knowing that was her intentions when she would suggest to my mom giving us dried plums or having us take couple gulps of caster oil. She was very old-school in her home remedies.

            2. As stated in a previous post, when I was young and under the weather my mom usually made pastina with butter and cheese.

              Either that or creamy tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich.

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              1. re: Novelli

                +1 on pastina! Not with the cheese though, just lots of butter.

                1. re: mcap

                  Yep, Ronzoni pastina with lots of butter and salt.

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                  My mom would also make the pastina, but I don't really remember the butter. We had it with an egg scrambled in it -- like a straciatella -- and grated Romano cheese.