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Jan 30, 2012 10:13 AM

Good Prepared Food Place in Toronto West End

Anyone know of a good source for take-out prepared food in Toronto's West End: between Lansdown & Jane and from Queen St to St. Clair?
I have been to Mabel's on Roncesvalles, but there is not enough variety and they sell out so quickly. I have been there on Saturdays around 11:30 and they have been sold out of the items I wanted to buy.
Not thrilled with Max's on Bloor St. West.
What am I missing???? There must be more out there in the West End.

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  1. Hi LidaK, I lived in the Swansea area since 1975 and loved to watch the wonderful evolution of food & drink in the former last 'DRY' area of Toronto. You are looking for good food and there is lots to be found. The 'Amber' is a great Russian food source and has fab perosky and take-out. Pastry places include the 'Petit Paris' - best cream cakes in city; Bread & Roses, and others close by offer great simple take-out and if desired, casual eat-in.

    For more take-out wander around the Windamere & Bloor area which has 5-6 market type shops catering to the over-worked and under fed. Spend a Saturday just prowling and sampling and you will find your own favourites.

    All the best and bonne appetit!!!

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      Petit Paris closed a few years ago. Their fruit tarts were amazing!

    2. Maybe too far west...but we swear by Absolutely Fine Foods at Humbertown Shopping Centre at Royal York and Dundas. Great selection, service and food quality.