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Jan 30, 2012 09:55 AM

Asheville, NC, getaway

Taking a mid-winter break next month and travelling to a chalet in Asheville, NC, to kick back with fireplace, hot tub and mountain scenery. Plan to eat out in Asheville once a day. Coming from the Nashville, TN, region, what shouldn't we miss restaurant-wise in Asheville? Not looking for elegant, just different from the usual fare I can get any day back home.

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  1. You won't go wrong with Zambras. Go take a look at their website.

    Zambra Spanish Wine Tapas & Cuisine
    85 W. Walnut Street, Asheville, NC 28801

    1. 12 Bones for BBQ.
      White Duck Taco for nuevo tacos.
      Storm Rhum Bar for drinks and nibbles.
      Curate for tapas.
      Limones for upscale Cali-Mex.
      The Admiral for eclectic neuvo-southern.

      1. Admiral would be my choice. Enjoy your visit.

        1. I'd like to add in The Junction in the river arts district. I've decided White Duck is more about a cool vibe than great food, so if I want to hit the funky RAD, I'm headed to The Junction. Now open for lunch on Sat and Sun i'm happy to report.

          I had the smoked salmon and poached egg on grits cake on SAturday and every component was just right. That's house hot smoked salmon, not the often-icky, usually- purchased cold smoked kind.

          Otherwise, Jeff's list minus Limones, plus Zambra and Sunny Point would be my list.

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          1. re: danna

            Oh, yeah! Sunny Point...but only for breakfast.

            1. re: Jeff C.

              or lunch, right? I take it dinner isn't too hot? I only went for dinner once.

              1. re: danna

                Actually I order breakfast for dinner there, so I'm sure I would probably order breakfast for lunch, too! (In other words, I haven't a clue about the lunch fare.)

            2. re: danna

              danna my husband I I think the junction has really gotten better lately. We also like white duck a lot and have never had any issues with their food. what exactly do you think so bad?

              1. re: janderson1

                I didn't come anywhere CLOSE to saying White Duck was "so bad". I like it OK, and I think the Bankok shrimp taco is just spectacular. Everything else I've had there has ranged from good to so-so to not-so-good (jerk chicken). I'm just saying that while I think it would be successful to some degree on the strength of the food, it would not be such a phenomenon if not for the eye-catching menus, comfortable eating spaces in and out, and general hip vibe.

            3. The Junction (Dinner is awesome, brunch on Sat and Sun is very good).
              The Admiral (Dinner)
              Curate (Its awesome)
              Zambra (dinner cocktails)
              Sunny Point (breakfast/lunch)
              Tupelo (breakfast/lunch)