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Jan 30, 2012 09:44 AM

Lunch near University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN

Any suggestions for lunch around St. Thomas in St. Paul? Looking in the $12-18 range (before tax/tip) and for someplace quiet enough to hold a conversation even during the noon rush.

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  1. I can't think of anything like that in the immediate area. Of which I live. How close do you need to be? Blocks or miles?

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    1. re: semanticantics

      Anything within two or three miles, more or less. Highland or Mac Groveland would be fine. Thanks!

    2. You may like Shish, on Grand Ave adjacent to the Macalester Campus, or Trotters on Cleveland Ave at Marshall Ave.

      Shish Mediterranean Grill
      1668 Grand Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55105

      Trotters Cafe
      232 Cleveland Ave N, St Paul, MN 55104

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      1. re: KTFoley

        I would back Shish. It's casual but it's pretty good. It might seem noisy, but you can have a convo. Otherwise something like On's Thai Kitchen. Maybe Blue Door Pub or Groveland Tap if they are open then. Nothing fancy, but a nice neighborhood joint.

      2. carmelo's might be a good fit, it is quiet in there

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        1. Luci Ancora (right across from St. Kates) might be a little out of your lunch price range but worth considering if you really like a nice quiet atmosphere. (At least it was pretty darn peaceful last time I had lunch there).

          Luci Ancora
          2060 Randolph Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55105

          1. I second Trotters, or Coffee News Cafe near Shish, but you might think about Khyber Pass on Grand just east of Snelling--buffet or menu--delicious Afghani food.

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            1. re: Haricotsv2

              Coffee News is closed. The sign on the door says "Thanks for 14 wonderful years. Closed!"

              1. re: ChillyDog

                They'll be re-opening soon, they're remodeling and rebranding.