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Jan 30, 2012 09:38 AM

Never Blue Asheville

Wandered past Never Blue on Broadway yesterday and noticed that the menu is no longer in the window, nor is the sign about winter hours posted on the door. I know the owners have been cutting back the hours at the Asheville location for a while, but it's sure looking closed to me. A quick check online turned up an article on BlueRidgeNow claiming that it is, in fact, closed. Anyone know what the deal is?

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  1. per never blue's website, they have closed the asheville location. never blue's hours at that location were pretty restrictive; wanted to try it, but could never fit it into my schedule.

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    1. re: mark

      Oops, there it is - I wasn't scrolling down far enough on the website.

      Yeah, my wife and I tried to eat there 4 separate times, but it was always closed when we went by.

      I wonder what it is about that location! Three restaurant closings in less than a year - it's like the place is cursed.

      1. re: mrzeau

        I feel the Asheville Never Blue was hardly open! We tried to go last Thursday and it was dark. Sad as the menu looked great!

        1. re: caiogirl

          we loved it too. I haven't heard what happened yet, but I'm wondering if it was just too much too fast? They had the h'ville location, the Saluda one and then the A'ville one (the last two opening close together). And just the three people running things. Jesse's a smart cookie from the business side, so I find it very hard to believe it was bad business decisions - maybe something unexpected came up. I know they were trying to come up with the best solution for times being open too. Trying to figure out if all 3 being closed the same days was better or spreading it out. And I think they usually take a Christmas/winter break each year, so timing might have been a bit wonky for getting started. Who knows. Anyway, it's too bad. I really enjoy their food, drinks and vibe. H'ville is just as close for us, so we'll continue to go there! :)

          1. re: Scirocco

            I was surprised that they would open two satellites so close to one another. I don't even know where the Asheville one was!

            I've been to the Saluda version once and it was packed to the point of watching them send away probably 8 customers while we ate. Better weather would open up the patio tables.

            1. re: danna

              The a'ville one was in the old Tingles location.

              yes, the Saluda one is much smaller and a different focus than the h'ville one. Not really a full-service restaurant (for lack of a better term) like their h'ville one. It has more lunch/snacky (??) food. I would love the outdoor option! As I recall, they opened in the fall (they are closed now for the season), so this year will be the first for full warm weather outdoor opportunities.

              I did talk to the owners last night and it seems that the a'ville closing was simply that it was proving to be exhausting to run both locations, so they decided to just focus on the h'ville one (and the Saluda one in season). That actually makes me happy because I was worried about quality suffering due to being spread too thin.