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Jan 30, 2012 09:26 AM

just came back from Arizona-lots of kosher options

just came back from Arizona-lots of kosher options. First, we were in Scottsdale. Went to Mozart Cafe-dairy restaurant for dinner when we arrived as well as both breakfasts. Food was tasty. Went to dinner at Fresh Mint-a dairy/meat free restaurant with an Asian menu like pho, curries, pad thai and more (check web for more info). Went to Phoenix to Fairytale brownies. Had a second dinner at King Solomon's pizza. (samarakand, meat uzbeikistan restaurant was closed)We then drove to Tucson. We had deli at 5th ave deli and got delicious cookies and tres leche cake at Nadine's, an Italian bakery w/certification. Of course tghe best item was Graeters ice cream found at Fry's supermarket.

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