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Jan 30, 2012 09:21 AM

Highend Southern/Regional with Crafted Cocktails

Coming mid-week for above. $75-90 pp including drinks, tip, and tax. Will be in Arlington so convenience is appreciated.

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  1. Vidalia (DC)
    Founding Farmers (DC)

    1. In Alexandria, maybe Evening Star Cafe? It's been getting some renewed buzz, the menu looks great, and that smoked old fashioned is intriguing.

        1. Sou'Wester and Vidalia are the most upscale Southern in the city. I would think both could put out a decent cocktail. The cocktails at Founding Farmers are very good, but the food isn't near as good, and isn't upscale.

          1. If you are willing to come into the city I recommend Watershed. Todd Gray specializes in Mid-Atlantic regional cuisine (he practically invented it in DC!), but Watershed actually focuses on seafood up and down the east coast with some wonderful dishes from the Southern region. One of the can't miss dishes is the gumbo appetizer, which comes with house made oyster crackers and hot sauce. Incredible!

            They also have a wonderful mixologist, Simo, who has some fun cocktails.