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Jan 30, 2012 09:19 AM


If you love and crave an authentic creamy butter cake, you HAVE to try the ones at Dublin Bakery in Willow Grove. They are to DIE for. So is everything else in there too, but the butter cake is a real stand-out. They also make a fabulous sour cream cake (in the shape of a ring) with icing on top that is especially delicious. Their rugelach is melt-in-your-mouth buttery and unbelievable. This bakery has everything!! If you are ever in that neighborhood, you have to try it. It’s on Welsh Road in Willow Grove.

Dublin Bakery
3026 Welsh Road
Willow Grove, PA 19090

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  1. While l admit l am a true curmudgeon on this board, as it takes a great thing for me to say it is great, this morning l drove to Upper Dublin to try this 50 year old bakery and it was very not for me. As per the OP l ordered a butter cake, sticky buns, and a bear claw.
    My GF liked the bear claw very much. The butter cake was very similar to a Kouign Amann that went terribly wrong. Liquid fat on overcooked pastry with a ton of tasteless sugar as well. The sticky bun, as l read elsewhere before going, was very sweet with a total of 6 raisins on the entire 12 bun cake but plenty of nuts. The pastry again was not rolled as a sticky bun as Beiler's do and thus the pastry tasted stale with too sweet glop added on top. No texture variations, no interest to me at all. Both went in trash after the three of us tasted them.

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      Deluca, you are expressing my sentiments exactly.

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        The butter cake is a Phila tradition that any local knows about and called Butterkuchen.

      2. I remember that Bakery whenever I think about Butter Cake. They made WONDERFUL Butter Cake. They use to make it in blueberry and cherry too. You could buy half if you wanted. I grew up in Maple Glen and we would go th the A&P & Grants in the same shopping Center. Such great memories!

        1. I'd recommend the Dining Car diner bakery in NE Philly on Frankford and academy. Good,reasonably priced ($6) little butter cakes, also delicious Jewish apple cake

          1. I am not a fan of Upper Dublin Bakery's butter cake either. It is a good cake, but it is not the sticky, gooey butter cake that I remember getting from a German bakery when I was a child. The very best BC that I have had, and one that matches my memory of what a Butter Cake should be, is from Fritz's Bakery. Their Sticky Buns are also to die for. Fritz's has 2 locations: Oxford Valley/Langhorn and Bensalem. Here is a link to their web site. Look under "The Sweets > The Goodies" for the Butter Cake.


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              Fritz's bakery is indeed a thing of beauty. I want sticky buns!

            2. Less than a half-hour from downtown Phill, L & M Bakery in Riverside NJ is the place for buttercake.. Get an angel creme filled chocolate ic ed donut for the trip home.