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Jan 30, 2012 08:28 AM

Have Windmill hot dogs gotten smaller?

I stopped at the Brick Windmill to pick up a single hot dog on Sunday. Had them put it on the grill for a minute or two for some extra char and flavor. I put my usual condiments on it, and took a nice bite. When I looked at the end, it seemed like one of those foot long, thin hot dogs. It sure didn't seem like the big dog I've gotten in the past.

Has anyone else noticed this size difference? The taste was the same, but it just looked a lot smaller!

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  1. I usually go on Wed 2 for 1 senior special and haven't noticed any change in size.......?

    1. they should be the same I just had one bigger and better then ever

      1. Maybe they ran out temporarily and got some at Costco or whatever. Just going by what others are saying. Stuff happens.

        1. I know the kids ones are smaller... Haven't noticed anything different with the regular ones lately, tho.

          1. Every Spring and Summer my local Kings supermarket in Hillsdale carries Windmill hotdogs. Just saw them last week and it struck me that they looked smaller.

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              They are supposed to be 4/1 or 4 to a lb. With natural casing hot dogs there is some variation in size. But the packaged franks should have the weight on the label. They come in 2 lb packages. Should be 8 and close to 2 lbs. Thumann's come 6 to a package but if you look at a few labels, they are different prices because the weight is different even though there are 6 franks in each package. Skinless franks are uniform in size and weight. You will see the same weight on each package.

              1. re: hotdoglover

                The retail pack have shorter dogs then the windmill made to fit the package sane weight as the one on the grill they would never put another brand on the grill

                1. re: stevenlevine

                  Maybe not now but originally the Windmill served Schickhaus franks. Then they switched to the current frank which is a beef and pork dog made by Sabrett. Callahan's used this same frank but deep fried it. The Windmill prepares theirs on a griddle.

                  1. re: hotdoglover

                    John, Thanks for that bit of Callahan's info. I just might fry some of the Windmill's I buy this year! I usually grill them. My favorite, though, will always be Thumann's.

                    1. re: agnesrob

                      I'm always at Windmill & enjoy their Franks with the Hot Relich 7 mustard...
                      I love Thuman's Franks on a BBQ also at home .....
                      but as a kid growing up in Coney Island Nathan's Original Hotdogs has a place in my Heart!!

                      1. re: hotdoglover

                        hotdoglover thank you for the info....I have looked at your wonderful tours & would love to attend, but most times scheduling dates vs my gig performances never works out ...but down the road on future trips i hope to be able to attend. In future tours could Sausages of all kinds also be included on your trips combined with Hot Dogs be considered? Just a thought.....anyway good luck !!

                        1. re: Tapas52

                          Thanks. My post was deleted. Let me modify it.

                          Thumann's are also my favorite beef/pork frank. Remember, there are 2 types of
                          hot dogs; the spicy beef franks with a lot of garlic and paprika, and the milder
                          German style beef/pork franks. Windmill serves the beef/pork Sabretts rather
                          than the spicy beef franks. A different spicing and flavor.

                          I like Thumann's, the Windmill franks, and the franks from few butcher shop/
                          pork stores that make their own. Union Pork Store is near my home and you can
                          buy as little as 1 frank. These are fresh with no preservatives so they have to
                          be consumed within a day or 2 for maximum freshness and flavor. Kocher's in
                          Ridgefield Park makes excellent hot dogs that are sold in 40 or so retail
                          outlets. John's Meat Market in Scotch Plains carries these franks but try to
                          pass them off as their own.

                          Back to the Windmill. I run the Annual New Jersey Hot Dog Tour. The Windmill was
                          a popular stop a few years ago. Since we have time constraints and look to have
                          the stops fairly close to each other, we stick to North Jersey. For this reason
                          we went to the Windmill franchise in Westfield. Aaron Levine, whose family owns
                          the Windmill, was there to greet us and make sure things ran smoothly. The dogs
                          not only taste great but are prepared perfectly and have a good snap. Two
                          busloads of discriminating hot dog lovers gave the Windmill good reviews with
                          many (who had never been there) picking it not only as the best hot dog of the
                          Tour, but the best hot dog they've had.